• Britain will pay for and construct infrastructure in Arabia (including but not limited to railroads, telegrams, etc), in Arabian territory, and help establish domestic industry in Arabia.
  • There will be a cap on the price of iron, steel, coal, and any specific goods needed for the joint construction of infrastructure in Arabia, allowed to be sold by Britain and any British companies in Arabia, which will be no lower than the market price.
  • All infrastructure established in Arabia shall be jointly administered equally by each government, and be maintained equally by each government. Both nations will immediately split any and all profits generated by these infrastructural and industrial projects equally.
  • A customs union encompassing Britain proper and Arabia shall be established, in which a free trade area shall exist, and a common external tariff shall be established applying to both nations, which will be set by Britain, however, no other trade restrictions shall be applied by either nation, and both nations will promote and seek to maintain market competition.
  • British merchants will be treated equally in the law as Arabian merchants are and allowed to invest and spend accordingly.
  • Arabia will be granted free trade in Britain's colonies, include Uluru and India.
  • Aden and everything within a 30km radius will be loaned to the British for the duration of 80 years from the signing of the agreement.
  • Britain will at cost to the Jaffarid government outfit 50,000 soldiers as the British Arab Army. They will be paid for by Arabia when in Arabia and by Britain when deployed outside.
  • Britain will send officers to help and will offer lower prices on weaponry to outfit the armed forces of the Jaffarid's.
  • A number of places at British education establishments will be guaranteed to Arab students.
  • Instead of Islamic education, we ask to set up cultural centers to teach secular Orientalism in Australia.
  • This treaty will not go into effect until after Arabia's current conflict.


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