Alternative History

Welcome to the alternate history of British Brittany, which explores the possibility of Brittany becoming a possession of the English kings. It all starts in 1186 when Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany and son of King Henry II of England, narrowly avoided death in a jousting tournament in Paris.

In 1189, King Henry II died. His eldest surviving son, Richard, became Richard I of England, better known as Richard the Lionhearted. However, he still had to deal with his surviving brothers, Geoffrey and John.

For the history, see the individual pages.

(A note about kings: As I have found out while working on this, the family trees of royal houses are insanely complex. A simple change like I have made affects the family trees of England, France, Scotland, Germany, and Spain so far. Therefore, I will not say exactly which king marries which princess and exactly how many daughters say, Geoffrey VIII had. I will, however, try to list at least every French and English king from the PoD onwards. Thank you for your time.)