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Great Britain! Hence the name, Great. An empire that Napoleon I himself could not stop. Britain now has colonies on every continent (except Antarctica, which unknown at this time). They control the British Isles, Iberia, Bengal, Burma, the Caribbean, and most of Canada, Australia, Egypt, and the low countries. During the Napoleonic Wars, the hated Spanish were driven out of Europe, and into their New World colonies. Spain is still a threat to the British in the Caribbean, but that is not the biggest threat. In Europe, Napoleon's Empire seems to grow in might every day. The British strategy has been simple. Wait until Napoleon dies, while building up more and more colonies. The only reason that Britain has allies is that Napoleon is still alive, and little states need protection. Britain has had several wars in India but, with attention at home, they have lost most of the time. Still, however, at least they have colonies in India, unlike the French. But the French dominate Europe. That is a sad but true, fact of British life. With Napoleon so strong, his American Allies grow stronger. However, the British have taken a different tune towards Americans. They could be used as great allies, and turned against the French. In Russia, there is a very Anti-British tune. To the Russians, the British are traitors who didn't help them take back land. Most German states rely greatly on British support, but it's starting to seem like the British can't support three-dozen nations at the same time. There are plenty of opportunities, and only time will tell what happens in the end...

Britain is in Red, 1820

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