Alternative History

The British created the greatest empire by not joining WW1.

1915-Present Day[]

World War One breaks out in Europe as a result of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Europeans gave up their colonies to Britain to help them look after forever. As German troops pour into France, the British determine that their interests would best be served by remaining neutral. As a result, they do not suffer a million dead, do not bankrupt themselves and their empire, do not suffer an immense loss of confidence and will, and do not lose the trust of the people and leaders of the Dominions.

1915: The nations of Europe have suffered heavy casualties. The British mediate a peace between the warring nations of Europe. Without British support, France and Russia have both asked USA and South America for help to battle Germany. They had fought the Germans in the south as a little distraction, while German towns were attacked by France and Britain. Little reinforcements fought the French and Russians, but they could not stop the waves of those attacks.

The Belgians, in gratitude, agreed to help them seize Liberia and Ethiopia, making possible for Africa to come into complete control on the British. After the Cape-to-Cairo Railway had been done, Cecil builds another railway. And this time, it was from the same Cape Colony, but to Tripoli, Tunis, Benghazi, Algiers, Oran, Rabat, and Casablanca on different paths of the railroad.

1916-1918: Although revolutionary violence takes place throughout Russia, there is no organized movement to overthrow the Czar (the Germans did not send Lenin into Russia). So instead, Czar Herod was chosen, and he gave free land, farming tools, and food for the peasants as well as money. He gave rights to peasants by making a law to factory owners to give their factory workers more money, and allowed children not to work, and invented babysitters to look after.

Agitation for independence in India is muted (Gandhi supported the British until he realized that the Indian war effort during World War One was unappreciated). India, Southeast Asia (from Europeans to be forced to give up cause of the war), and Iran gained some rights and allowed to practice their culture and religion, but still under British control and westernized. Its economy was set up again after the British destroyed it and This time, Southeast Asia and Iran became jewels of the crown, and 1/4 of its economy was bought to Britain, and the economy and wealth gap then came full again every time it happened. Transportation of elephants was introduced to England then.

1918-1920: Disputes with the Turkish Empire over the Suez Canal and the treatment of the Jewish and Armenian population result in a British campaign against the Turks. Following the capture of Constantinople, Palestine is made a protectorate of the British Empire. The Ottoman Empire became under British control and is known as the Cross of the crown. It is because Jerusalem and Constantinople were religious cites and with so many churches, many so then modern monasteries were built. Modern pilgrimages were made to Jerusalem

1920-1923: Winston Churchill is elected Prime Minister. He pushed through the Statute of Westminster, which gives new political form to the British Empire. The Dominions are given complete control of their internal affairs, while foreign relations and imperial defense are to be coordinated by an Imperial Council, based in London, in which all the Dominions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) take part along with Great Britain.

British scientists recovered animal plummets, repopulate rare animals, and got animals to their original extent population. Armies guarded animals and safari parks and the Sahara becomes a fertile, wet grassland.

The unity of the empire is to be symbolized by the monarchy.

1923-1928: Political movements are launched in Ireland for separation from Great Britain and establishment as a separate Dominion. Within Ireland, there is a low-level conflict between those who wish to remain within the Empire and those who wish to be completely independent.

The Indian National Congress elects to seek Dominion status for India. Mohandas Gandhi spends his time writing works of ethical philosophy and does not concern himself much with politics. he soon discovered all of science and his works and science discoveries were always accepted because he produced evidence for each one. Meanwhile, the pacific islands became on British hands and paid USA for Hawaii and helped them claim Baja California, which became the new state. Meanwhile, Britain became the most powerful industrial, economic, and commercial empire in the world.

Middle East has gone under British control under Emperor George XXI. Under him, he built dynamic and massive structures in London, but also in Roman, Muslim, English, Indian and Persian, legendary Atlantis style, and Italian style. The city was combined with Ancient Rome, legendary Atlantis, Constantinople, Baghdad, colonial New York, modern Paris, Florence, Tashbaan (look in the book The Horse and His Boy Chapter 4 to find out those details) Mogul Delhi, and a legendary dreamlandcity. George also expanded London 50 times bigger, and planted trees and forest-like parks and created new factories that don't spur out CO2 in the air and built big zoos and protected animals.

1928-1932: The balance of power in Europe has taken a solid form. The Germans remain the chief land power, while the British are unchallenged at sea. The United States, while a major economic and industrial player, remains a generally isolationist nation.In the Pacific, however, the Japanese are gradually expanding their power in Asia at the expense of China, which causes the British much concern.

1928-1934: Japan, in an effort to secure oil supplies to maintain its war effort, attacks the Dutch possessions in the East Indies. This so alarms the British and Americans that they form a coalition against the Japanese, resulting in the Pacific War. It lasts for several years. In a series of sea battles, the British-American forces destroy Japanese naval power. After a year-long blockade of the Japanese home islands, resulting in great hardship, the Japanese sue for peace.

1934-1938: Because of its contributions during the course of the Pacific War, India is granted Dominion status. Its political elite have been campaigning for this step for some time. The Parliament of the Raj is designed to give effective representation to the various ethnic and religious groups of India, although this presents many problems were never according. Emperor Halo captured Italy and built a great farmland called Latina Farms, the largest farms with crops, vineyards, and orchards with springs and rivers crossing it in Eastern Italy. Catholic Christianity becomes another religion and the pope was spared.

British started to build up more better technology than the other countries and heavily reduced global warming. Space paradise/artificial planets were built 1000 times bigger than the sun with its own light without making it. Government leaders feared the growing population and encourage half of the empire's people encouraged to live here instead. and special-style buildings. South, central, and US America then was part of the British empire by noble Henry Ruthbert, who became president of all these countries and had put them into the empire. King Caspian becomes emperor and allows some Asian culture kept, but few things of their life would have to be replaced by British way of life. He also made American language and the money currency accepted. Under him, all of science had been discovered, and had improved technology to make it more tech futuristic. Also, the Balkan states had been seized. 1939

Economically, Great Britain itself has become the center of financial services and government operations for the entire Empire, while their cheap labor pools cause manufacturing to shift increasingly to India and South Africa. Free traders lose ground in Imperial politics, resulting in free movement of goods between the Dominions, while trade barriers are erected against non-Imperial goods. Empress Victoria II was crowned and started a few military campaigns and had an alliance with Spain, France, and Portugal for the aid. After the expansion, she became empress of these countries.

1940 British seized control of all of Switzerland and Austria by the United Nations formed by government official Wallachius of Poland, meanwhile Russia was suspicious of Britain's ambitions. An evidence is that Britain also seized Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Southeast Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, South and East Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan from them. Russia made a treaty with britain to give 100 thousand gold in order to stop British expansion, but did not last.


Victoria III became queen 2 weeks later. Under her, she had complete control on most of the seas. One small group of islands- Malta, prevented her to control the Mediterranean. An army of one million soldiers came to Valette, but the country surrendered to Britain without a fight and the Mediterranean world came under British control. Her navy and army then sailed with 10,000 extra soldiers to Crimea to the port of Stokleon. As the British led siege to it Emperor Praxis wanted to everyone to practice to prepare for protection in case Russians will be attacking. Crimean citizens there had starved and finally, they surrendered.


The British became to power of Crimea and south and central Eastern Europe and the power of the Black Sea. Praxis led siege to the Russian fort of Nicholias after Russian Czar Nicholas III in order to retake Crimea. However, thing didn't go well than it planned. British soldiers were isolated from supplies, and they lost the battle, but did weaken the empire. Another force came and Russia allied with Japan, China, Finland, Norway, and Sweden to help. The east India Co. in the middle of the war then send at least 4 million reinforcements from India and the South Middle East Strongholds send 1 million soldiers. However, they were still outnumbered from 1,000 soldiers, but reinforcement of 500 hussars came and 10 thousand airplane. With the help of that, the British finally captured the fort.


Although the Chinese adopted Western culture, one man named Shanghai Boxers hated them and gathered a group of 450 thousand male citizens to attack all of the foreigners they could find in China. A group of 30,000 British soldiers came to Shanghai and put the entire rebellion down by guns and tanks. Then, China became a republic by Sun Yat-Sen, the first president of China.


A Japanese governor named Nasagasika went to Boston in March 1st. He wanted an old and new combined church for many people. Nasagasika planned it 56 feet wide and 104 feet long with old fashioned Church windows, seats, and an medieval-style altar. The lighting however was futuristic and as well as some invisible air conditioning.

Alcatraz had no more money left, and King Roosevelette had to call a parliament with the Alcatraz workers. Roosevelette decided to give them at least 50 billion dollars and help raise money for the prison.

Iceland was not part of the empire until Roosevelette II became president of it when it became a republic. he made it part of the empire and met with Japan to build a new style of architecture- dynamic. It was very expensive and Britain decided to give supplies to them. He then became emperor of Japan, but was shot by a terrorist named Sasagakiyo, son of the last Japanese emperor- Togoyon. South Central China was bought from the government and a city named Qufu on the border of the limit in British China gained independence by a revolt led by Hashang Yohu Langding. Soon, Britain started to to give them a sum of money as well and some supplies.

Governor official Michale Angelo started to make a law that the monarchy should have a link with more republican and a democratic government to look after the emperor and take care of the provinces. Finland architect, named Vindalasaga, went to Paris and designed the Statue of Victoria, the ancestor who and her descendants created. It became 10 times taller than the Statue of Liberty, and was a special museum about their country's past history.

1967 Modern technology was building up as color cameras were invented in Russia and parts of the world as well as the empire. Hollywood, the capital of all the movies, started to have a visiting park where people could know how movies were made. new machines helped made movie-making possible.

1970-Present Day

British emperor Georgian who was originally a scientist started to make organizations to save the wildlife that shared their world. Many countries followed, and global warming became even more reduced. Georgian wanted to spend 4/553 of the empire's welath for new machines and inventions. Soon, the date reached the present day, and so is the empire!