Alternative History
British Virgin Islands
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
OTL equivalent: British Virgin Islands
Coat of arms
Vigilate (Latin)
Be Vigilant (English)
Oh, Beautiful Virgin Islands
Royal anthem: 
God Save the Queen
Map of the British Virgin Islands
CapitalRoad Town
Ethnic groups  78.5% "Black/African"

5% "White" 5% "Hispanic" 5% "Multiracial" 2% "East Indian"

4.5% "others"
Demonym Virgin Islander
Government Parliamentary dependency under constitutional monarchy
Establishmentas a dependency of the UK
 -  Separate 1960 
 -  Autonomous 1967 
Currency United States dollar (USD)

The British Virgin Islands (officially the Virgin Islands) are a group of islands located in the Virgin Island archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. It is a British Overseas Territory located west of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The BVI is one of the six Caribbean territories of the United Kingdom and is a popular tourist destination for travelers on a holiday cruise. Like the adjacent USVI, the culture and demographics of this territory is diverse, ranging from Afro-Caribbean culture to a mix of British and Western cultures.