Alternative History


What did it take. Some state soldiers to waltz right into a building and arrest most of the men trying to change the US from a Confederation into a Republic.

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States

The men were the founding fathers, and representatives from all 13 states met to discuss the future. They had hired soldiers to protect them. The US was fledgling and wasn't held together by anything really at all. Then one man, a Mr. Sherman from Connecticut revealed what was going on. Pennsylvania and New Jersey felt threatened and invaded the building the "traitors" were in in Philadelphia. Many were arrested. The states had reacted. One by one they returned home following a quick dissolution of the Union.

Flag of Rhode Island by Edward O’Connor

Flag of the Republic of Rhode Island

Rhode Island was the first to leave. William Jones became the first official President of the Rhode Island. New York was second followed by Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Pennsylvania effectively became a authoritarian power. Whilst remaining a republic President Benjamin Franklin officially liberalized the nation. New York's influence lead it to gobble up Connecticut and New Jersey. Pennsylvania took Delaware and any land north of the Ohio river.

Birth of the American Colossus[]

US flag with 5 stars by Hellerick

Flag of the Confederation of American States

The First Southern Congress was carried out in Richmond, Virginia. The Congress made up of delagates of the southern slave holding states signed the Virginia Manifesto offically forming the states into a Confederated Republic focusing on states rights but will have the federal government intervine in case of violence. The flag was adopted from old American one. 13 stripes represented the nations that made up the former union and 5 Starts representing the 5 states of the Confederation. So in the winter of 1789 the Confederation of American States was declared with its federal capital in Richmond. Williamsburg would remain the capital of Virginia. Immediately the two American powers, the CAS and Pennsylvania were immediately competing. Pennsylvania however finally won out in the race for the Ohio. The border was set at the river. Throughout the 1790s saw the CAS ensure its dominance over its claimed territory. In 1794 after border incidents with American Indians the CAS sent in its marines to invade Spanish, Florida with the minor consent of the Spaniards. The colony was promptly annexed into the territories of Florida and South Alabama.

Meanwhile in France the French Revolution kicked off and was in full swing.

In the north the situation remained tedious. Rhode Island finally fell into a civil war which extremely depopulated the country. Massachusetts meanwhile kept their insane claim on territory in British Canada. Mass had desired the end of the British Empire. But their attempt at a chance would happen later.

Napoleon and America[]

Italian Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1800) by Jacques-Louis David (Pax Columbia)

The rise of Napoleon shocked Europe. He had taken a fledgling republic into a modern empire. Whilst the War of the 2nd Coalition was waged Napoleon had interacted with his emmesaries in America. Napoleon found great allies in Massachusets and Rhode Island while some friends in New York. The problem with his American ambitions lied with their sense of "Manifest Destiny." The Americans beleived it was their god given right to have their countries stretch from coast to coast. The CAS was particularly vocal about this thanks to the Great Game with Pennsylvania. Lacking in some funds by 1803 he jointly selled parts of Louisiana to the Confederation and Pennsylvania. But British settlers from Canada dropped down halting the American advance northward and Pennsylvanian advance West.

In 1812 the CAS had finally admitted 6 new states into its Confederation. These were Boone (Tennesee), Mississippi, North Alabama, Missouri, and Louisiana. Britain meanwhile had secretly been receiving food from the CAS and diplomatic support. France meanwhile had been attempting to stop these shipments and finally pissed of the Americans to the point of War.

Battle of Quebec

American and British forces fighting in Cuba

The CAS officially declared war on the French Empire (and its puppet Spain). Confederate forces set out from New Orleans and started the invasion of Mexico while Marines carried out landings in Cuba. The Americans desimated Spanish amries in Cuba and Texas boosting CS morale. The Confederation also struck down at Gran Colombia which was in flames of Rebellion.