Alternative History

In 1930, The Balkans united to became what known as Balkan Federation. In 1989, the revolution sparked in Eastern Europe (new main reason in ATL: Secret police and Schwabowski speech (he supported the protesters more radically). Gorbachev didn't intervene but he intervened on Balkan Federation in order to keep it united and mutual benefit between USSR, BF and the USA. He allowed USA to invest in USSR but led Balkan Federation reunited peacefully. He also led Primakov (a moderate Soviet Nationalist progressive reformer) to became Russian SR's head instead of Yeltsin. Nikolai Ryzhkov kept his position as Prime Minister and Permanent Member of the Security Council of the USSR. Stefan Mesic still headed Balkan Federation. Would it be a better world? Or a worse world?

Point of Divergence

  1. Balkan Federation's plan was realised and they united in 1938 and expanded until 2000
  2. Italy would never join the Axis and decided to join with the Allies
  3. Soviet Union united Mongolia in 1994.
  4. Brezhnev was died in 1970 and replaced by reformative collective leadership.
  5. Yeltsin wasn't elected as President of Russian SR.
  6. Conservative faction of the CPSU would never appointed
  7. Cold War was stalemated (Soviet won at propaganda polices. US won at economic policies.)