Alternative History
Brynhildur I
Brynhildur I
Queen of Álengiamark
Reign 3rd April, 1502 - 29th December, 1510
Predecessor Elin V
Successor Yrsa II
Born 7th September, 1456
Langaeyjar, Álengiamark
Died 29th December, 1510
Langaeyjar, Álengiamark
Spouse Hlynur Mikkelsson
Full name
Brynhildur Sverrirsdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Sverrir Hjaltisson
Mother Eryún Elfarsdottír

Brynhildur I's 8-year reign over Álengiamark is mostly ignored by historians. Seen as a 'caretaker' reign it is more notable for her eccentricities rather than any political events.

Her actual election was a formality; a previous agreement between the Earls of Sudervik and Langaeyjar, and ratified by the other earls, allowed for a smooth transition of power. Hence Earl Brynjar was free to arrange his sister's election as a fait accompli. Indulged as a child Brynhildur had little real world experience and certainly no inclination to attempt to wield any authority over the country. Earl Brynjar used her position to pursue his own vendettas, mostly removing various families from power and ensuring his men were promoted, but even so, his interference was limited and not at all far-reaching.

Visiting St. Hafdiss only once, to be crowned, Brynhildur resided at the castle in Rakonkaberg where she seemed beholden to the legends surrounding the lake Rakonkaberg, which amongst other things was rumoured to be a gateway to Hell. She would employ several alchemists to attempt to forge gold from iron, a project which would consume huge amounts of money, as well as indulge mystics like Sigurjón Kjartansson whom convinced her that he had mastered the power of flight.

She would marry but it is generally held that it was never consumated. Her husband Hlynur Mikkelsson would however take multiple mistresses and several children resulting from these liasions were adopted by the royal family as if they were Brynhildur's own. Earl Brynjar was obliged to enoble several of these families to avoid causing too much of a scandal.

While the Althing meandered in obselescence the earldoms and the independent cities were at least looking for opportunities. Cross-Atlantic and Leifia-Tawantinland trade were booming and Álengsk merchants were beginning to make headway into these markets. There was little central planning in these endeavours and the lords backed expeditions as and when merchants could curry their favour. Only the Royal Domain, controlled by the 'Mayors of the Palace', ordered its own ships to be built but it would still lease out the operation of them to merchants rather than operate them themselves.

Brynhildur would die in 1510 and the crown, ever more devalued as a title, would pass to the Nanticokelandish Yrsa II.