Alternative History
Народна републи
Socialist Republic of Bulgaria
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Official language Bulgarian
Capital Sofia
Chairman of the SRB Presidium in 1919 General Ivan Vassiliev (1917-1924)
Secretary-General in 1919 General Vladim Karmor (1917-1924)
Existence 1917-1924
Currency Bulgarian Ruble

The SRB was founded in December 1917, following the Soviet invasion of the pro-German Kingdom of Bulgaria. The government is led by the Russian general who led the assault in 1917, General Ivan Vassiliev.


The SRB army on the outbreak of war in December 1918 was composed of only 1 Army, divided into 15 Corps.

1st Bulgarian Army

1 Corps-SOFIA

2 Corps-SOFIA

3 Corps-SOFIA

4 Corps-SOFIA

5 Corps-SOFIA

6 Peasant's Corps-SOFIA

7 Corps-VARNA

8 Corps-VARNA

9 Corps-VARNA

10 Naval Defense Corps-VARNA

11 Corps-PLOVDIV

12 Corps of Occupation-THESSALONIKI

13 Corps of Occupation-KAVALA

14 Corps of Occupation-KAVALA

15 Corps of Occupation-THESSALONIKI

The Naval Corps, also the 10th Corps, is based in Varna and operates two river boats. Naval defense is assured by the Red Army Navy. The Army (6th-9th Corps) operates two Fokker DVII, captured by the Soviets from the ex-Kingdom of Bulgaria following the 1917 invasion.