Burgos (Castilian)
برغش (Arabic)
Burgos (Ladino: בורגוס)
Burgi (Latin)
Timeline: Of Lions and Falcons

OTL equivalent: Burgos
Escudo de Burgos
City seal
Panorámica de la ciudad de Burgos desde el Castillo.
View of Burgos and its Cathedral

Motto: Caput Castellae, camera regia, prima voce et fide
Cabeza de Castilla, cámara real, primera en voz y fidelidad
(Latin and Castilian: Head of Castile, royal chamber, first in voice and fidelity)

Country Kingdom of Castile
Castilian and Leonese
  others Latin, Mozarabic, Ladino and Arabic
  others Judaism
Founded 884

Burgos is the capital and main city Kingdom of Castile. The city forms the principal crossroad of northern Spain along the Camino de Santiago, which runs parallel to the River Arlanzón. Burgos is also major centre of trade between the Bay of Biscay and the south, which attracts an unusually large foreign merchant population, who became part of the city oligarchy and excluded other foreigners.

Burgos besides being the seat of the King and his court it is also the meeting place of the Cortes of Castile. The city of Burgos has representation to the Cortes.

Estatua del Cid (Burgos)

Statue of El Cid

Castilian nobleman, military leader and diplomat El Cid Campeador is a significant historical figure in the city, as he was born a couple of kilometres north of Burgos and was raised and educated here.

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