Burma Ascension World Map

Superpowers in Burma Ascension - Myanmar is in Dark Green

Welcome to Burma Ascension, a TL where Burma is a great power and controls most of South East Asia.

Points of Divergence

Two main points of divergence occur in Burma Ascension.

Chronologically, Persia does not fall to Islamic invaders in 644 AD, removing Islam as a global force and influence. This leads to a spread of Buddhism around the Indian Ocean, from central and southern Africa to Persia and northwestern Australia.

The second point of divergence occurs in 12th century Myanmar, where the Bagan dynasty begins to expand beyond Myanmar into Eastern India, the Malay Peninsula and the Chao Phraya valley. This would lead to Myanmar becoming a superpower in this timeline.

Nota bene: Due to radical and many departures from actual history, the timeline will be revised in order to facilitate the incorporation of major world events.


Timeline and Global State of Affairs

Please see Timeline for the timeline according the the Burma Ascension Althist.


Buddhism plays a major role in this time line. Outside of Asia and Southern Africa, Christianity is a major religion. Islam remains isolated to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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