Alternative History
Βυζαντινή Δημοκρατία
Byzantini Dhimokratía
Republika Byzantina
Republic of Byzantia / Byzantine Republic
Flag Byzantia (VegWorld).jpg
Location of Byzantia
Official language Byzantine Greek (and Byzantino (Byzantine Romance) in some instances)
Capital Constantinople
Largest City Constantinople
Republic formed
Population 22,400,000
HDI 0.912 (Very High)
Currency Euro (EUR)
Our Timeline Equivalent northern and western Turkey

Byzantia is a republic and successor state to the Eastern Roman Empire. Constantinople, its largest city and capital, is one of the largest cities in the world, and is seen as one of the most cosmopolitan and historical cities in the world. In addition to Greeks and Turks, many people from other cultures call Byzantia their home as well.


Ethnic Groups

69% Byzantine Greeks
19% Turks
03% Greeks
02% Bulgarians
02% Chinese
02% Israelis
01% Egyptians
01% other Europeans
01% other non-Europeans (including Middle Easterners)


33% Christian
31% Eastern Orthodox Christian
02% other Christian
30% freethinkers
13% atheist
17% agnostic
17% Greek Buddhist
09% Alevi
05% Muslim
03% Ijtihadi (mostly Turkish Ijtihadi)
01% Sunni
01% Shi'ite and other Muslim
02% Jewish
02% Hindu (mostly Greek Hindu)
01% Druze
01% other (Bahai, etc)


65% Vegetarian
35% Non-Vegetarian