Alternative History
Byzantine World

In this alternative history the primary POD is the conversion of Mohammed to Christianity This in turn means that there is no Muslim conquest of the Arabian tribes and that Byzantine lands are never conquered. The Byzantine Empire continues to flourish.

All dates use the Christian Era system:

  • A.D. Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi (In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ)
  • A.C. Ante Christum Natum (Before Christ's Birth)

The Seven Patriarchates

In the Christian religion there are seven spiritual leaders who are regarded as the most honored among all the Bishops. They are known as the Patriarchs. In OTL there were only five Patriarchates and in the 11th century the Roman Patriarch and the other four broke off from one another and formed the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches respectively.

The Seven Patriarchates are as follows:

  • The Holy Apostolic See of Jerusalem
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Antioch
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Alexandria
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Rome
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Constantinople
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Canterbury
  • The Holy Apostolic See of Musiris