Alternative History

The Córdoba-Fatimid Border War was a conflict between the Caliphate of Córdoba and the Fatimid Caliphate. It was the first inter-Caliphate conflict of the Caliphate Wars.

After the Moorish-Berber Unionification, a result of the Córdobian Civil War was complete the Two Caliphates found themselves with a land border between them. Berber Politicians on the Córdobian side had been promoting traders and craftsmen to cross the border, to take advantage of the knowledge and work contracts now available in North Africa thanks to European contacts and even the lure of getting a chance to see Ard Marjhoola. The Fatimids didn't take long to notice the hole left by its skilled labour shortage and attempted to prevent more leaving while sending diplomats to state their complaints. No reaction by the Córdobian side led to the first hostile action in 1022 of a border town being captured by the Fatimids in a desperate attempt to find shipbuilders to replace those lost in the First Crusade. This would be taken back a few months later, but was serious enough to cause a conflict to ensue.

By 1025AD, conflict between the two had reached a high point, and towns on both sides of the border often switched several times as occupying forces moved. In time, the Fatimid Caliphate struggled to hold the line, and had to let its western controlled lands go to cope with the Crusades against it to focus on the defence of Sicily and Southern Italy.

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