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"The stupid speak of the past, the wise of the present, and fools of the future."

-Napoleon Bonaparte
The current year is 1946, the crowning of a new year for the entire world. Another year filled with events from the miniscule and insignificant to those of potential history changing events. It has been a long 142 years since the crowning of Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of the French, and the effects of crowning can still be felt to this day across the world. From North America, to Europe, all the way to Australia. The world has shifted and changed greatly since 1804 with wars, ideas, and people existing and then fading into the past. Some making themselves stand the test of time and being remembered in the history books of today. But, these history books are quite empty for some reason, but little by little those 142 year long gap shall be filled with time. And who knows, maybe even the future can be written down for those to read as time flies by.


This is Côté Aveugle, a community timeline I have wanted to do and hopefully many of you are willing to help build as time goes on. The main concept of the timeline is that it is a “blind world.” The year is 1946, and the PoD for this community timeline is the date of Napoleon being crowned the Emperor of the French, May 18th, 1804. From that day forward the butterfly effect shall be adhered to. Ideologies and people shall be different can be similar to those of OTL. We will fill in a map bit by bit and together we will help fill out and expand this world one bit at a time.


  1. PoDs can't be on the 18th May 1804 (the day Napoleon was crowned as Emperor of the French) or before it.
  2. No ISOTs, aliens or fantasy stuff; it's all from 1946 in one particular TL
  3. Only use PNGs. Save as UserTurnNumberNation(s)_CA.png
  4. You can do 1-3 countries at a time, your choice—EXCEPT if one of them is a superpower
  5. If the country you're putting is a superpower, that's the ONLY country you can put on that turn. (For what sort of country qualifies as a superpower, think OTL's United States, Soviet Union, European Union or China. OTL's Germany would not count as a superpower.)
  6. Don't restrict other people's options too much; e.g. if you're doing (let's say) Argentina, it's fine to talk about the threat of communist revolutionary regimes "in nearby countries", but it's not fine to mention a communist Brazil in particular (unless someone has already done Brazil), since it's unfair on whoever does Brazil
  7. Make sure you don't contradict what anyone else has said, even by implication, e.g. don't talk about colonies breaking away from the French empire in 1919 if someone else has said that the 1920s were a time of great confidence for the French empire (not that there has to be a united France or a French colonial empire, it's just an example).
  8. Mega-balkanisation and mega-consolidation are both fine, but only within reason: e.g. the Free Republic of Prince William County or the Socialist Union of Western Europe are definitely taking it too far. Use your own judgment.


  1. If you break a rule, you will get a message, that asks you to fix your mistake, within an hour, or you will get a strike, next to your name
  2. There are 5 strikes in total, symboled like an X
  3. if you get 5 strikes, you will get a week long ban.
  4. after a week, you will get to edit again




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