CFCF-DT (The 2012 Canadian Television makeover)


RCFCF-DT, virtual and digital VHF channel 12 is a CTV owend-and-affiliated station located in Montreal and is terrestrially available through out Quebec. It is one of two choices for English-language television for Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Sept-Iles, and Gaspe. The other alternative is CKMI/Global, though Montreal has at least 2 other English channels. CFCF is also available for 3 remote Manitoban communities.


In the Summer of 2012, CFCF, though Bell Media acquired all of CBMT‘s transmitter network. It included CBVE (Quebec City), CBJET (Saguenay), CBMT-1 (Trois-Rivieres), CBMT-3 (Sherbrooke), and the 3 Manitoban transmitter, which CKY did not have. It became the largest English-language television system in Quebec, surpassing CKMI.

Semi-Satellites are in bold


City of License Callsign Channel Formerly
Quebec City CFOM-DT Digital: 5 (VHF)

Virtual: 5 (PSIP)

Trois-Riveres CFCF-DT-2 Digital: 28 (UHF)

Virtual: 28 (PSIP)

Sherbrooke CFCF-DT-3 Digital:50 (UHF)

Virtual: 50 (PSIP)

Thetford Mines CFCF-TV-4 32 (UHF) CBMT-4
Saguenay CFCF-DT-5 Digital: 21 (UHF)

Virtual:58 (PSIP)

Chibougamau CFCF-TV-9 4 (VHF) CBMCT
Mitissini CFCF-TV-10 12 (VHF) CBMDT
La Tuque CFCF-TV-11 9 (VHF) CBMET
Chisasbi CFCF-TV-12 12 (VHF) CBMGT
Waskaganish CFCF-TV-13 CBMHT
Baie-Comeau CFCF-TV-14 28 (UHF) CBMIT
Kuujjuarapik CFCF-TV-15 12 (VHF) CBMK-TV
La Tavatiere CFCF-TV-16 10 (VHF) CBMLT
Wimindji CFCF-TV-17 12 (VHF) CBMNT


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