Alternative History

CKY-DT, virtual and digital VHF channel 7 is a CTV owned-and-operated station in Winnipeg, Manitoba that also serves the province, along side parts of Eastern Saskatchewan and Central Time Zone Ontario. It is the only TV station in Canada to have a three-lettered callsign.


On July 31, 2012, CKY acquired all but 7 of CBWT’s rebroadcasters. Causing expansion to Manitoba and beyond. CHFC is it’s own separate station, but became part of the new CTV North system. The rest became part of CKND-DT/Global as Digital stations. It also reactivated 2 of former sister station, CKX’s rebroadcasters that day for the first time since 2009.

CTV also returned to Kenora since last year when the now-defunct CJBN-TV became a Global affiliate the year before. This station converted to digital on September 5th, 2020 along with Dryden and Fort Frances.

In April 2021, CKYT flash cut to digital. On May 11 The Norway House, Cross Lake, and Ear Falls (ON) rebroadcaster followed suit.


City of License Callsign Channel # Notes
Brandon CKYB 4 (VHF)
Thompson CKYT-DT 9 (VHF)
Flin Flon CKYF 13 (VHF)
Fisher Branch CKYA 8 (VHF)
Dauphin CKYD 12 (VHF)
McCreary CKYB-1 13 (VHF)
Snow Lake CKYS 11 (VHF)
The Pas CKYP 12 (VHF)
Cross Lake CKYN-DT 12 (VHF)
Easterville CKYH-2 11 (VHF)
Fairford CKYG-2 11 (VHF)
Gillam CKYL 8 (VHF)
Gods Lake Narrows CKYX 13 (VHF)
Grand Rapids CKYH 8 (VHF)
Jackhead CKYG-15 5 (VHF)
Lac de Bonnet CKY-2 4 (VHF)
Leaf Rapids CKYQ 13 (VHF)
Little Grand Rapids CKYZ 9 (VHF)
Lynn Lake CKYR 8 (VHF)
Mafeking CKYY 2 (VHF)
Manigotagan CKYG-3 22 (UHF)
McCusker Lake CKYU 10 (VHF)
Moose Lake CKYI-1 9 (VHF)
Nelson House CKYP-1 11 (VHF)
Norway House CKYO-DT 9 (VHF)
Oxford House CKYV 8 (VHF)
Pickle Lake CKYD-5 7 (VHF)
Pikangikum CKYD-6 9 (VHF)
Piney CKY-3 29 (UHF)
Pukatawagen CKYB-4 11 (VHF)
Red Lake CKYE 10 (VHF)
South Indian Lake CKYQ-1 10 (VHF)
Wabowden CKYM 10 (VHF)
Wassagomach CKYW 9 (VHF)
Foxwarren CKY-4 11 (VHF)
Melita CKY-5 9 (VHF)


City of License Callsign Channel # Notes
Atikotan CKYC-3 7 (VHF)
Big Trout Lake CKY-1 13 (VHF)
Dryden CKYD-DT-1 Digital: 9 (VHF)

Virtual: 9 (PSIP)

Ear Falls CKYJ-DT 13 (VHF)
Fort Frances CKYC-DT Digital: 5 (VHF)

Virtual: 5 (PSIP)

Ignance CKYD-3 13 (VHF)
Kenora CKYA-DT-1 Digital: 8 (VHF)

Virtual: 8 (PSIP)

Osnaburgh CKYD-5 13 (VHF)
Sandy Lake CKYD-8 10 (VHF)
Savant Lake CKYD-4 8 (VHF)
Sioux Narrows CKYA-2 4 (VHF)


City of License Callsign Channel
Cumberland House CKYI-2 9 (VHF)
Island Falls CKYB-2 7 (VHF)
Pelican Narrows CKYB-3 5 (VHF)