Collective Security Treaty Organization
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Full Members in Green
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Observer Status Members in Orange
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Affiliated Members in Blue
Suspended Members in Pink
HeadquartersCapetown, Union of Netherland and Afrikaans
Official languages Afrikaans/Dutch


Type Military Alliance
Full Membership Flag of South Africa (NotLAH)Union of Netherland and Afrikaans

Flag of South KoreaRepublic of Korea
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioCommonwealth of Oceania
Reunited United KingdomNew Commonwealth
Flag of the Republic of Italy (NotLAH)Republic of Italy
Flag of South VietnamGreater Vietnamese Republic
Flag of TexasTexas
Flag of Russia (neon)Russian Federation

Federation of The Arabian PeninsulaFederation of the Arabian Peninsula
 -  Secretary General (Pending)
Observer Status Members Flag of United Republic 1973 United Republics

Conf. IslandsUnited Mediterranean

25pxChan Santa Cruz
The CSTO is the biggest multi-mililtary and political organisation of its type in the world. Dwarfing even NATO in its heyday, it has the power to radically change the geopolitical situation on the planet, whether it being to create a country from a bunch of small city-states, to destroy hostile nations to the point of colonisation.


The Collective Security Treaty Organization is a military alliance between former some of the former nations of the Warsaw PACT. These nations include the Russian Federation, New Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, the Republic of Thrace, and Belarus. When the USSR dissolved in 1986 and the Warsaw PACT officially disbanded. it left many nations in eastern Europe defenceless against the world. On the date of April 7th, 1986 the successor to the Warsaw PACT was created, now called the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Since then, the CSTO has taken part in multiple operations around the planet. It has helped unite broken nations, and liberate areas which have been torn apart by Zombies. These operations have included the destruction of Nazi Scandinavia, liberation of India from Zombies and setting up states in the nation, as well as uniting the long-torn Korean Peninsula. The CSTO also helped to stabilise regions such as the Iberian Peninsula and the SoC.

Yet the organisation faced problems at around 1996-7, as many members left as Russia announced its decision to leave the organisation due to the fact that it seemed to them they were doing most of the work. However, a few members stayed on - such as the Union of Netherland and Afrikaans. Drastic measures, such as that of removing unstable members, was taken and the organisation was saved, albeit a core of itself.

In 2002, the Organization reformed following the dissolution of the GUITO organization as a private alliance between several nations. And then it happened. One by one, the powerful states which had once acted together returned to the CSTO. The organisation began to become what it had been in its heydey, without the troublesome members.

Main Purpose

Primarily, the main purpose of the Collective Security Treaty Organization is for the desire of all participating states to abstain from threats. Even though this may seem as a defensive tactic, the CSTO also can and will conduct offensive containment operations in nations that are controlled by corrupt regimes which endanger the region where our allies are located. In other words the CSTO is mainly a self-defense pact.

Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Part I - Treatment of Other Nations

Article I - No neutral nations outside of the organization should be attacked for an unjustly reason.

Article II - Mobilization of military armed forces of the organization may not move through neutral states unless that state gives its consent for military access. (Falls under both Part I and II).

Part II - Declaration of War and Military Aid/Mobilization

Article I - All nations within the CSTO must help other nations within the organization if they're attacked.

Article II- When in war, the Geneva Convention must be followed.

Article III - All nations within the organization are obliged to help allies attack and/or invade enemies of the state.

Part III - Propaganda and Fake/Actual Terrorist Attacks

Article I - The use of fake terrorist attacks to declare war on another nation will result in a kick from the organization.

Article II - Aiding or funding terrorist organizations will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Part IV - Weapon Distribution and Production

Article I - Distributing weapons onto the black market, or giving weapons to 3rd world nations for no reason and terrorist organizations will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Article II - Mass production of a nuclear armament will result in a kick from the organization. However, if your nation already had nuclear weapons before this constitution was made, the demilitarization of them should commence since they’re not needed.

Article III - Production of chemical and biological agents and/or weapons will result in a kick from the organization (That are meant to harm Humans)

Article IV - Stealing designs of weapons, weapon systems, vehicles, or any other sort of military equipment from nations within the organization will result in your nation being kicked out.

Article V - Secretly distributing weapons to ANY state, allied or not without stating this to the alliance will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Part V - Miscellaneous

Article I - Promotion of illegal substances (in nations that don't allow it) such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc will result in a kick from the organization

Article II - Hiding or aiding terrorists will result in a kick from the organization.

Article III - Promotion of terrorism will result in a kick from the organization.

The constitution for the CSTO is still under development. Please ignore any flaws for now.


The total military of the CSTO (amount of troops with all nations combined) is around 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 troops; both in active duty and the reserve.

Joining the CSTO

Applications are no longer to be made. Currently, the only way to enter the organization is to be invited by the head security council state.

Possible Invitees

United Mediterr. application for observer status sponsored by United Republics. G greg e (talk)

  • Russian Diplomacy: Since you're a vassal to an observer member of our organization we will allow you to join as an observer state.



The United Republics would like to apply for observe status. How might we go about doing this.

Well, you already agreed when I invited you, so you're already in. You are only required to make an application if you aren't invited but would like to join.


The Kingdom of Italy would love to join.

We decline the application for the Kingdom of Italy.

The Kingdom asks why. Octivian Marius (talk) 00:21, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

What do you mean why? You're a hated state and non-trusted by the CSTO. Also, your government is controlled by a corrupt nationalist regime.


The RoS expresses interest in joining as an observer to help with information and logisitics.  If Russia declines due to ties with NATO and the US we will understand.

We agree to your application. The map and observer member section will be changed.

The RoS would like to improve relationships with the rest of the CSTO by becoming a full member in the organization

OK then, I will change your status.


The Empire of Scandinavia; consisting of the Kingdoms of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lappland, Denmark, and Iceland, requests to join the CSTO.

We agree to your application. Map will be edited shortly.


Kiel or the Nordic Republic of Germany would like to join. We are the city-state of Kiel and we are subject to more growth.

We agree to your application.

Octivian! It is KIEL, I BEFORE E


Dinetah, having recently rediscovered the Old World would like to join.

We accept their application.


We would like to become full members.

Your application is accepted.


We are already observer members as part of the UR, can we join as full members, and the UR will remain as Observers, or whatever they want.

Galicia, Castille-Leon, Aragon, and Catalonia

All four of these former states of Spain wish to be re-instated as full individual members.

Russian Federation: As the Head Security Council State we will allow this due to these states being vassals of the United Republics.

correction: Vassals of Portugal and Granada.

Vassals of a vassal ---- Vassalception :P Edboy452 (talk) 20:10, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Las Cruces

We ask to become members. Yay an Edit conflict (talk) 11:59, July 10, 2013 (UTC)


The UK would like to join considering its former close relationship with South Africa. It would like to renew as well as the security being in the organization entails. Also, we are closely related with Oceania as our economies are entwined and being in two competing organizations does not bode well for that relationship.

The Union of Netherland and Afrikaans agrees as they understand the situation fully. Welcome to the organisation, UK! ~Imp

American Confederation

We would like to rejoin, as the GUITO has been disbanded, and I believe that GUITO is the last worldwide organization, and the CSTO seems stable. --Bfoxius (talk)


The Philippines requests to join the CSTO and to become a full member. Our interests have changed over the past few years and we think that joining the CSTO will benefit our nation.

This is a private organization, invites are the only way to get in now. Applications are no longer made to join.


CSTO Resolution 1-22 Archive (CSTO REFORMED)

Resoulution 001

The recent actions of Iran (buying the Z-Virus, killing scientists, illegal developement of nuclear warheads) has violated Geneva, Treaty of Frankfurt, and many other international treaties. Korea suggests to declare war on Iran and invade them from both the land and the sea immediately. We suggest that Russia leads the invasion, if not us.




Resolution 2

We declare the CSTO to be at War with Terror. We need all members taking part to agree with this resolution for the CSTO to actively assist NATO in the planned campaigns about to begin soon.




Election of a new Secretary-General

I personally believe that an election of a new secretary general and implementation of a council to the CSTO would be beneficial.

First Electoral Candidates

Format: (Name - Nation)

  • Margaret Twomey - Commonwealth
  • General Andrew Pufal - Republic of Susquehanna
  • Admiral Johan Schmidt - Nordic Germany- Adm. Schmidt helped draft the Imperial Constitution, was a major hero at two battles, the Battle of Pyongyang. He has helped make the world a better place with his many proposals in laws.
  • Phil Nastas - Dinetah
  • Russian Federation - Nikolay Bordyuzha


You may vote for your own or others.

Margaret Twomey - Commonwealth [1]

General Andrew Pufal - Republic of Susquehanna [3]

Admiral Johan Schmidt - Nordic Germany [1]

Phil Nastas - Dinetah [0]

Nikolay Bordyuzha - Russian Federation [2]

  • Edboy452 (talk) 01:54, July 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • Greater Vietnamese Republic : Tykur (talk) 01:55, July 7, 2013 (UTC)


I don't think you're allowed to recall votes. However, I'll allow it. Edboy452 (talk) 02:07, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

So we don't even get 24 hours to vote? I see G greg e (talk)


Andrew Pufal is elected as Secretary-General of the CSTO.

Second Electoral Candidates

  • Russian Federation - Nikolay Bordyuzha
  • American Confederation - Zebulon McGibbins
  • Commonwealth of Oceania - Margaret Towney
  • Federation of the Arabian Peninsula - Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani (Qatar)
  • Union of Afrikaans and Netherland - Jonathan Peterson


Russian Federation - Nikolay Bordyuzha

American Confederation - Zebulon McGibbins

Commonwealth of Oceania - Margaret Towney

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula - Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani (Qatar)

Union of Afrikaans and Netherland - Jonathan Peterson


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