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The People's Democratic Republic of Cabinda
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Cabinda
Situation in Former Angola as of 2009

Orange territory is controlled by the

People's Republic of Angola, Blue territory is controlled by the Republic of Angola, Green territory is controlled by Cabinda, Purple territory is controlled by the Republic of Kongo, and Red territory is under the control of the remaining "Soviet Kingdoms".

"Freedom over Oppression"
Capital Cabinda City
Largest city Cabinda City
Other cities Miconje, Baca, Belize, Landana & Vala
Portuguese, French
  others Kongo, Ibinda
Religion Christianity (82%), Traditional African Religions (18%)
President (purely ceremonial) Henriques Tiago
Prime Minister Rodrigues Mingas
Area approx 18,000 sq km km²
Population approx 1.5 million 
Independence from Angola
  declared June 16th, 1984
Currency Cabindan Kwanza

The People’s Democratic Republic of Cabinda is a Republic based in what was previously the province of Cabinda within Angola. After Doomsday, it reasserted its independence following the rapid collapse of authority from Luanda. Though recognized by many nations, it is still considered an integral part of the Angola by both the People’s Republic of Angola and the Republic of Angola.