Alternative History
Cabotia and Brasil
Historical Events

In 1492, Christopher Columbus went to the court of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, asking for help in an enterprise to sail west and reach the Indies. The King and Queen are not convinced, and Columbus leaves for France where his luck is no better.

The discovery of Cabotia

In 1497, Italian explorer John Cabot led an expedition to Asia and disembarked in the land currently known as Cabotia (OTL North America), and claimed it for England. A second expedition led by Cabot was lost.

The discovery of Brasil

In 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral led an expedition which disembarked on Brasil (OTL South America), claiming the land for Portugal.

Ferdinand Magellan, in 1514, discovered the strait that bears his name and explored the Neptunic (OTL Pacific) coast of Brasil and southern Cabotia.