Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Calchaquisuyu.svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Cacán
Prince Ay
Population 1,673,500 
Currency TWP

The Principality of Calchaquisuyu, Calchaquisuyu, is a small authoritarian monarchy in central south Tawantinland. It is bordered by Carjosuyu, Charrasuyu, Araucania and Tawantinsuyu. The capital is Saujil and the population is around 1.6 million.

The Head of State is Prince Ay.

Cacán is the official language though Quechua is also widely spoken.

Calchaquisuyu uses the Tawantin Pachaka (TWP).


The Calchaqui peoples formed the southern edge of the early Tawantin state. Records suggest it was first conquered to provide slave labour for Tawantinsuyu's mines. It was subjected to Tawantin governors (Kurakas) and resettlement policies but the region would frequently rebel. By the mid 16th century Tawantinsuyu was merely happy to accept tribute and a yearly army group drawn from the Suyu.

The country is quietly prosperous, relying on cotton and food exports to its neighbours. A new railway crossing Calchaquisuyu from Tawantinsuyu to Araucania's Atlantic ports has recently been completed and has the potential to open the country up to more development. Barring occasional invasions from erratic Charrua warlords the country has been peaceful for centuries has good relations with its neighbours and only keeps the Charrasuyuan border fortified.


Calchquisuyu is an autocracy with all laws made by the Prince and his council. The regional suyus do have a little leeway in local matters however. The current Head of State is Prince Ay.

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