California (Greater Colombia)

California Republic
República California
Timeline: Greater Colombia
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Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Spanish, English
President Arnold Cabeza de Moro
Area 766,288 km²
Population 38,357,605 
Independence 1848 (proclaimed), from Mexico
1852 (recognized)
Currency Californian Peso

California includes, more or less, OTL California, Baja Norte and Nevada.


Claimed by Mexico after her independence, people in California never felt like part of Mexico, neither recognized the government in Mexico City.

Very open to immigration, California was settled by many immigrants, mainly by US citizens, who didn't hide their desire that California should become part of the USA.

The USA government was also fond of the idea that California, specially San Francisco Bay, should be part of the USA.

In 1848, a movement of both Californios (Californians of Spanish origin) and US settlers, claimed independence from Mexico. This was followed by a war of independence that lasted four years. During the war, the USA claimed neutrality during the war, but there were serious indications that the USA supported the Californian rebellion.

In the middle of the war, gold was discovered in California.

In 1852, after the naval battle of San Francisco Bay, and the defeat of the Mexican Army at San Bernardino, the Mexican surrendered and recognized California independence. Californians were, however, forced to pay big reparations to Mexico.

Some of the most prominent supporters of an annexation to the USA had died in the war. California accepted, however, a protectorate from the USA.

The political situation of Mexico worsened, however, and in 1864 California invaded northwestern Mexico, in alliance with the United Kingdom.

In 1870, most of the Mexican territory controlled by the Californians and the British, officially seceded from Mexico and formed the Republic of Sonora and Arizona.



North: British Columbia. West: Pacific Ocean. South: Sonora. East: Sonora and Deseret.

Political Divisions

California is divided in Departments. Some of these departments are:

  1. Bahía de San Francisco
  2. Baja California
  3. Colorado
  4. Gran Cuenca
  5. Humboldt
  6. Los Ángeles
  7. San Diego
  8. San Joaquín
  9. San Luis
  10. Valle de Sacramento
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