Official California English
  Other Spanish
Capital: San Jose
Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Xavier Becerra
Population population abt. 60,000,000
Independence from United Kingdom
  Declared December 18,1867
  Recognized December 18,1867
Currency: California Dollar

California is a sovereign nation of Queen Elizabeth II.


The history of California as a country can be traced back to the summer of 1579, when the Golden Hinde, captained by Sir Francis Drake, ran aground north of present-day San Francisco. After repairing the ship, Drake left a garrison of 30 men to establish a colony with the assistance of the local Miwok people. Soon after Drake's departure, the garrison discovered San Francisco Bay, and began to establish their colony there. However, the bay's opening was unsuitably narrow for sailing ships, and a second garrison was sent to establish a harbor further south on Monterey Bay.


In 1769, the British empire became far more invested in "New Albion," as the entire colony was then known, when Spanish troops, led by Gaspar de Portola, attempted to invade Monterey Bay. The Spanish were repelled after a year's occupation, and a boundary with New Spain was determined at the sixth parallel south of Mt. Diablo.

Regardless of imperial rivalry, Spanish (and later Mexican) interests flourished in New Albion, founding several major cities in the area. This ended, however, with the invasion of the rural mexican land to the south of New Albion, then known as California.

In 1867, New Albion was given executive power and a prime minister, but it wasn't until 1927 that it was made independent. Relations with America were strengthened in the late 19th century with the successive construction of several transcontinental railroads.


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Largest Cities

New albion city

A map of the city of New Albion.

California is divided into States, which are divided into counties, which are further subdivided into Cities, Towns, Villages, and Townships.

Rank City State Population
1 Los Angeles Southern California 3,834,340
2 Phoenix New Mexico 1,552,259
3 San Diego Southern California 1,353,731
4 Tijuana Lower California 1,286,089
5 California City Lower California 1,000,010
6 San FranciscoTemplate:Cref Northern California 799,185
7 San Jose Northern California 639,899
8 Seattle British Columbia 594,210
9 Vancouver British Columbia 578,041
10 Las Vegas Nevada 558,880
11 Portland Oregon 550,396
12 Fresno Northern California 500,017
13 Long Beach Southern California 466,520
14 Sacramento Northern California 460,242
15 Oakland Northern California 401,489
16 Honolulu Hawaii 375,571
17 Santa Ana Southern California 339,555
18 Bakersfield Southern California 315,837
19 Riverside Southern California 294,437
20 Stockton Northern California 287,245
21 Reno Nevada 214,853
22 Modesto Northern California 203,955
23 Boise Idaho 202,832
24 Spokane British Columbia 200,975
25 Tacoma British Columbia 196,520
26 Salt Lake City Utah 180,651
27 Oceanside Southern California 168,602
28 Vancouver British Columbia 161,436
29 Santa Rosa Northern California 154,241
30 Salem Oregon 151,913
31 Lancaster Southern California 143,616
32 Salinas Northern California 143,517
33 Pasadena Southern California 143,400
34 Escondido Southern California 136,246
35 Visalia Northern California 118,603
35 Vallejo Northern California 115,552


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New Albion

A map of New Albion

New Albion
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