Empire of California
Imperio Del California (Spanish) 加州帝國 (Chinese)
Timeline: UnBritish World

OTL equivalent: Baja (Mexico),Parts of Nevada,Oregon,Washington,Parts of Idaho,Nevada and Arizona,California
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Eureka “I have found it!”

Anthem "'Hail to the Emperor'"
Capital San Francisco
Largest city Los Angeles
Language Greek
Protestantism,Atheism,Catholicism,Chinese traditional religion,
  others Judaism
Demonym Californian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Imperial Assembly
Emperor Thomas I of Norton-Calvert
President Edmund Gerald Brown
Established 1845 (Revolution against Mexico)

1869 (Declaration of the Empire) 1915 (Constitutional Monarchy established)

Independence from Mexico
  declared 1845
Currency Californian Dollar
Internet TLD .cl
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