California Socialist Republic
Timeline: Red victory

OTL equivalent: The American States of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, with the Mexican state of Baja California
125px-1stBearFlag.svg Seal of California
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital San Francisco
Largest city Los Angeles
Other cities San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Tijuana
  others Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic; as well as the numerous Native American, Asian and African languages.
Religion Official: Protestant

Other: Roman Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, and Jewish

Demonym Californian
Legislature Social democracy
President: Antonio Villaraigosa
Vice-President Jerry Brown
1,436,935 km²
  water (%) 163,696 km
Population 55,249,670 
Independence June 14, 1991 (Baja California annexed January 3, 1996)
Currency Calif
Time Zone Pacific: UTC-8/-7


History of the California Republic (Red Victory)

Geography and Climate

The land area of California is 1,435,935 km. The Sierra and Cascade Mountains run near the Pacific Coast; the ranges run from California up to the former state of Washington. Much of the western mountain ranges are Alpine; the climate is arid in the Great Basin desert in southern California and much of Nevada. Mediterranean in coastal California, and oceanic in former Oregon and Washington. The Mojave Desert occupies much of the southwestern part of the California Republic.



California imports much of its coal, natural gas and petroleum from the USSR, Alaska and Canada. Two major nuclear plants: San Onofre and Diablo Canyon. However, the California Constitution bans all types of nuclear plants, and the Department of Energy is planning to shut down both nuclear plants, turning San Onofre into a museum and Diablo Canyon is scheduled for dismantling. Hydroelectricity comes in from Grand Coulee Dam, Shasta Dam, Parker Dam, Davis Dam, and the famous Hoover Dam. Several solar plants, such as the Solar Energy Generating Systems, are spread across the nation.

Hoover Dam

Pass Wind Farm

San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

California's wind farm include Altamont Pass, San Gorgonio Pass and the Tehachapi Pass.


Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) manages all roads and highways within in the Republic; CRHP (California Republic Highway Patrol) patrols the freeways and state routes, while the streets are patrolled by the city's police department. Los Angeles International Airport, Ontario International Airport, Palm Springs International Airport, San Francisco, McCarran International Airport, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and Seattle International Airport are the busiest airports in North America. This is due to the increase tourism created by Soviet citizens.

LAX (1)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

San Diego Port 650

Port of San Diego

Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, and the Port of San Diego is where a lot of California's imports come in and where exports go out. Freeways are the most used type of transportation, followed by train, and finally by air. California Airlines and West Coast airlines are the main companies that dominate the air travel industry.


California's education system is the second-best in North America, and the seventh in the world. California is home to a number of colleges and universities; many exchange students from England, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and the USSR go to these colleges to specialize in engineering, science and politics.

UCR Campus

People of 5–18 years of age are required to attend school every weekday, unless sick or a holiday. Schools get off on Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day; as well as Martin Luther King's Birthday and Fourth of July.

Law Enforcement and Crime

Crime in California is low, due to the fact that rules placed on breaking laws will depend on the situation:

  • Verbal assault or public disturbance: warning and/or ask to leave the area.
  • Theft: one hand is broken, pays a $1000 find, and is sent to one year of prison or six months of community service.
  • Robbery (with gun): robber is either sent to a 67 year time in jail or is ordered by the jury for public execution; (without gun) robber is sentenced to a 32 year time in jail or has to do community service for the rest of his or her life.
  • Murder: no trial, automatic public execution.

These are reasons why crime in California is so low. The police departments of towns and cities manage the area within the city limits while Federal Marshalls go into other countries to capture captives. The Border Patrol helps protect California's southern border from illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico.

Cs laswat 320x240

Los Angeles Police Department entering an house, which has been occupied by terrorist.

The Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and San Francisco SWAT teams are the best of the best in law enforcement. They've been called up to action in the War against Somalian Pirates, annexing of Baja California, and a few SWAT Teams assisted California in winning the War for Independence. The CIA deals with robbing other nations of weapon and vehicle designs. The recent operation for the CIA was capturing schematics for the F-16 Fighting Falcon from the General Dynamics Company in Maryland.


California is an multicultural nation, home to a variety of ethnic groups, traditions and values. Aside from the now small Native American population, nearly all Americans or ancestors immigrated within the past five centuries. Recent immigration from Asia and Latin America has added to a cultural "trail mix".



Los Angeles Chargers

Soccer has been regarded as the national sport since the formation of California in 1990. Football has become the most-watched sport in California. Basketball and ice hokey are the country's next two leading professional team sports. College football and basketball attract large audiences. Tennis, cheerleading, skateboarding, volleyball, and surfing is popular among California's youth and many of the sports are taught in high schools.


  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Anahiem Angels
  • Seattle Mariners
  • San Diego Padres
  • Oakland Athletics


  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Oakland Golden State Warriors
  • Seattle SuperSonics
  • Seattle Storms


  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Seattle Seahawks


California has many different types of food, from many different cultures. Characteristic dishes: apple pie, hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza originated from immigrants. French fries, Mexican food such as burritos and tacos, and pasta dishes freely adapt from Italian sources.


California's movie industry is an major part to the cultural influence on the population. Hollywood movie studio produce most of the successful movies such as Star Wars (1977); Facebook and YouTube are the most popular media-sharing websites on the internet. Microsoft produce up-to-date computers and the top-selling Xbox 360. The Apple Company produce the world's best selling products: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


The economy of the California Republic was on the verge of collapse, until the government ordered the construction of collective Marijuana farms. This business officially declared the legalization of Marijuana. The construction of the farms led to other business being formed in the Republic. All these businesses have improved the economy of the Republic.

Agriculture and Livestock

Agriculture is a major export from California to other countries on North America, mainly to the Second Republic of Texas; California also trades agriculture with the Hawaii, which is located across the Pacific Ocean. Imperial Valley and the southern tip of Central Valley in California; and Rogue Valley and Willamette Valley are the major areas where food is planted and grown. Livestock can be found in Southern California, Washington and Nevada.


Tourism is one of the major economic centers of the Republic, right after agriculture and alcoholic beverages. The California Republic is very popular among the citizens from the Second Republic of Texas, and the American Federation, because the numerous amounts of amusement parks, museums, national parks, and thousands of other family hot spots. Seaworld and Knott's Berry Farm are the most visited amusement parks on the West Coast; California has become a hotspot for Soviet tourists.



Las Vegas

Gambling has become important after California legalized all types of gambling in 2006, which allowed the owners of the resorts and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip open up new hotels and casinos in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco. Las Vegas is now known as "The Gambling Capital of the World"; Reno, another gambling city, has been referred to as "Mini Vegas".

High-tech industries


Headquarters for Google

High-tech industries is a minor contributor to the California economy. Companies such as Google and Apple have opened up their headquarters in Silicon Valley.
300px-Microsoft building 17 front door

Windows Headquarters

The Microsoft Corporation opened its doors in Washington, but since has relocated to Silicon Valley. The major socializing sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google have their headquarters in Silicon Valley, making communication between cities easier.

Arms Industry

The Boeing plant in Washington produces an number of California's aircraft, from the F-18 to the UA-12, a military transport plane. Mojave Defense has been producing numerous weapons, from sidearms to missiles - to tanks. They also produce guns for law enforcement, federal agencies and Border Patrol.

Foreign Relations and Military

California Republic Military


California's closest ally is the Soviet Union, mostly because California is a socialist nation. California also manages a military base in the middle of Serbia and the Soviet Union manages a military base in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

American Federation

California's second-best ally is the American Federation. Even though one is a socialist nation and the other is a democratic nation, both maintain a trade agreement and mutual defense. Both nations have agreed to a proposal for a missile defense system. The two countries are trying to convince Canada and Mexico to help.

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