House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of California
57th Parliament
Type Lower house of the Parliament of California
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic
since 3 January 2016
Leader of the House Pramila Jayapal, Progressive
since 3 January 2016
Shadow Leader of the House John Katko, Liberal
since 3 January 2019
Established 1851
Members 135
Californian House of Representatives 2018 JoW.svg
Political groups
Government (70)

     Democratic (34)      Progressive (35)
     Green (1)
Opposition (47)
     Liberal (47)
Other Parties (14)
     Conservative (10)
     C.A. (4)

Voting system Instant-runoff voting
Last election 6 November 2018
Next election 2 November 2021
Meeting place
House of Representatives Chamber
Parliament House
Sonoma, Federal District, California

The House of Representatives is the lower house of the Parliament, the federal legislature of the Commonwealth of California. The House is comprised of 135 Members of Parliament (MPs), each representing a parliamentary district.

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