Kingdom of Firanja
المملكة فرنجة
Timeline: Pure Arabica
Firanja No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Limotas
Largest city Marsil
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister
Population 25,292,140 (2007 est.) 
Currency Dirham

The Caliphate of Firanja is known for its cheeses, its illicitly produced wines and general success in the wars that have long plagued Europe. With its capital at Limotas in the south-west, Firanja is one of the few Caliphates to have never been sacked by rival Caliphs or infidel forces.

Firanja has been the site of the major peace treaties of both the Continental War and the World War, both signed at the Caliph's palace on the outskirts of Limotas. The Caliph at Limotas nearly launched nuclear weapons against the Caliphate of Londris, but was stopped by the reticent Caliph-in-Exile.

Firanja has espoused a trading agreement with the Free Emirate of Al-Tuscana to spite its bellicose neighbor, the Caliphate of Genof.

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