Caliphate of Sindh
Timeline: Hamaara 1857

OTL equivalent: Sindh,Pakistan
Sindh EU4

'خدا سان گڏ اسان سان گڏ'
("'May God Be With Us'")

Anthem "خدا خليفه جو نعمت ڏيو (English:God Bless the Caliph)"
Hyderabad Hyderabad
Largest city Karachi
Other cities Sukkur, Larkana, Thatta, Jacodabad
  others Gujarati, Urdu, Persian
Islam, Hinduism
  others Sikhism
Ethnic Groups
  others Gujarati, Persian
Demonym Sindhi
Government Monarchy
  legislature None
Caliph Abul Asaf Farhad
  Dynasty: Farhad
Established 15th December 1859
Independence from UK
Currency Rupaiah (same as Gujarat, its overlord)

The caliphate of Sindh is an independent Caliphate in Southern Asia.It was given independence by Abul Asaf Farhad following the UK's surrender of Calcutta in 1857.


Ancient Sindh was one of the cradles of Eastern civilization,as it was here where the Indus Valley civilization flourished.Several Indo-Aryan kings ruled over it until the Arabs invaded.They brought Islam to the region and it has ever since been the major religion.The Mughals eventually took it over much later.In 1843 the British annexed Sindh but in 1859 Sindh became an independent caliphate under His Holy Highness,Abul Asaf Farhad of Sindh.It is currently (the current year is 1869) a vassal state of Gujarat.


Sindh is an absolute hereditary monarchy and Gujarati vassal state.

Foreign Relations

Overlord-Gujarat is the overlord of Sindh,ever since the Jadeja Rajputs of Kutch and Gaekwad Marathas of Baroda unified Gujarat as one kingdom in 1861 and vassalised Sindh.

Official Allies-Maharashtra,despite being a Hindu nation is a close ally of Sindh because of Maharashtra's ties to Gujarat.

All other Gujarati allies.

Good relations-Jammu,since Gujarat supported it in the Kashmiri war of independence,although it did fail to crush the Pir rebels.However most Sindhi Muslims supported the rebels since much of the Sindhis want independence from Gujarat.

Neutral relations-Ladakh,Tamiladesa,Hyderabad,Travancore-Kochi,Mysore,and most nations.

Official enemies-Hindustan,Awadh and Bangala,Hindustan for trying to vassalise it and take it away from Gujarat,(although most Sindhis prefer a fellow Muslim nation being their overlord),and Awadh and Bangala for being Hindustani allies.

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