Hringar í Nordr (Call of the North)
Directed by Ísak Pállsson
Written by Elísabet Hilmarsdottír
Starring Alexander Sverrirsson
?ejere K'elni
Studio Snjórvatn Vinnastufur
Release date(s) 29th May, 2015
Running time 56 minutes
Country Keewatin Territory
Language Icelandic, Vinlandic and Cree subtitles

Hringar í Nordr, Call of the North, is a 2015 film, and the first from Snjórvatn Vinnastufur film company in Keewatin Territory.

The plot follows a trapper Bjarnisson (Alexander Sverrirsson) working in the wilderness of northern Keewatin Territory/Norrland Fylk. We first meet him on the trail of polar bears and checking his traps in a snowy forest however during the course of this he falls and twists his ankle, leaving him stranded. He is found by a family of Denésoliné who take him. Much of the remainder of the film shows the family's life in the icy north. Bjarnisson is shown their home, their belongings and is welcomed into the tribe. Eventually back to full health Bjarnisson and Keskarrah (?ejere K'elni) go hunting and see a Vinlandic army patrol. Saying his goodbyes to the family he is rescued by the soldiers.

The film has been praised by critics admiring its unrushed pace and close attention to the detail of lives rarely seen, or even thought about by the average person. Some suggest that the plot was in itself unnecessary and a simple documentation of Denésoliné life and customs would have been just as good. That the film was filmed mostly just outside of Keewatin's capital Snjórvatn rather than near the Meerbjórnvatn where the film is set may have posed too many logistic problems to capture the absolute truth.

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