Alternative History
Royaume de Canada
Kingdom of Canada
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Canada
Flag of Canada
Flag of Canada
Capital Winnipeg
Largest city Quebec
Other cities Victoria
Language English, French
Monarch King Arthur III
Prime Minister Barack Obama
Area area km²
Population population 
Currency currency


Shortly after the Fifth Anglo-American War, the United Kingdom tried to convince the CSA to turn away its slave ways. The CSA refused and the Grand Coalition reacted taking their territory in a matter of weeks. However the Confederate Army, concentrated on the tip of Florida set out in a ramshackle fleet. Coming across virtually no resistance, the Confederate Army sailed to Great Britain and annexed the whole UK. The whole empire froze as the metropole was taken. Unable to resist, British and Irish people made their way to North America, including the new King Albert-Edward I. The new metropole was set up in Canada despite significant losses of land. The Kingdom of Canada was born.

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