Alternative History
Royaume du Canada
Kingdom of Canada
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Official language French
Capital Québec
King Pierre II
Prime Minister
Establishment 1830
Currency North American Dollar
Former Currency Canadian Livre

The Kingdom of Canada (le Royaume du Canada) is a francophone nation located in North America, ruled by descendants of French royalty, who, until 1872, claimed the throne of France.

It is a member of the League of North American States.


The Kingdom's origins date back to shortly after the French Revolution, when the King of France fled to New France. Originally, Canada was formally described as the province of Canada, within the Kingdom of France. During the reign of Louis XVII et II, the Province of Canada was renamed as the Kingdom of Canada, and the King changed his title to Roi de France et du Canada et de la Louisianne, taking the title Louis XVII de France et II du Canada et de la Louisianne, and posthumously granting his father the title Louis XVI de France et I du Canada et de la Louisianne. Today, the kings are normally referred to by their Canadian numbering. Thus, one rarely hears Louis XVII, but rather Louis II, and Louis XVI normally is only used when referring to the period before his arrival in Canada.

Originally, the Kings of Canada also ruled over Louisianne, which was divided into Minnesota and Arkansas after the formation of Misuri, and formally divided in 1872. In 1922, Minnesota broke off, becoming a republic. In 1945, upon the death of Pierre I, Arkansas separated, due to Arkansas having rejected Salic law, and Pierre I having no male heir.


Canada borders the nations of Oregon and Minnesota to its west and the North American Confederation to the south and east.

List of Kings

Kings of the Frances

Kings of Canada, Minnesota, and Arkansas

King of Canada and Arkansas

  • 1924-1945 Pierre I

Kings of Canada