Alternative History

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1980: Canada starts to fall through the cracks.[]

-Quebec votes 52% for separation. The rest of Canada starts to take French off most consumer goods and laws. Canadian forces begin to pull out strategic military units, leaving barely any defence or offence capability for Quebec. The police take over everything until then (with the exception of Oka).

-The Golf Course expands in Oka. First, the Mowahk nation blockaded Oka. They also took over the bridge going into Montreal. The Army is called in, but they could not break the lines. 23 troops die when one of the barricades are broken and they march in. 37 days later, Trudeau offers the Mohawk the land east of the St. Lawrence River. The Mohawk nation would be formed, complete with tribal council, armed forces and its new laws keeping the original language.  Also, the Montreal Accord would ensure that Quebec wouldn’t intervene in its affairs. This treaty lasted until 2006.

-Pierre Trudeau orders money transfer from Alberta to other provinces. Oil companies protest that the government is taking over fields, like in the USSR. Albertans get aggravated by Ottawa's decision, resulting in riots and the forming of the Cree Resistance Movement. John Turner gets out of politics and goes back to British Columbia.

-Terry Fox begins his run across Canada, although the failure of Canada throughout the months ahead will make this one of the last activities the whole nation will be united in.

1981: This little piggy left the village, this little piggy bombed the market, and this little piggy stayed home []

- Quebec legally separates from Canada, in an Act of Parliament viewed by Queen Elizabeth II. Armed Forces are created from Militias already operating in the country and the bloc Quebecois supporters, armed with whatever weapons that they owned. Inuit living in northern Quebec start arming themselves with weapons brought in before it separated. The Inuit Rangers, once ensuring Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, start going out of service to train up insurgent forces. By 1991, 75% of the Inuit population knew how to fire an assault rifle. Jean Chretien becomes the President

- The First Nations, seeing an opportunity to get attention and fix their treaties, and the Western Block party, hell-bent on separating from the crumbling nation, converge into the Winnipeg Convention Centre, and form the North America party. Parliament is thrown into upheaval as the nation's House of Commons gets an influx of unofficial opposition MP’s. Trudeau nearly gets hit in the head by an Ontario MP.

- A vote of Non-Confidence sparks elections. Since Turner was out of the question, the other parties had no chance, although the North America party got quite a few MP’s in seats. Brian Mulroney was elected with a majority government

- Ronald Reagan is inaugurated into US Office. The United States also starts building an embassy in Quebec City, in order to help keep the Quebecois from swinging over to the Soviets. Also, a freedom-of-movement agreement between Quebec City and Washington, starts to allow US Navy vessels onto the St. Lawrence Seaway. Some fishermen recall seeing submarines below their boats instead of salmon.

- Cree Resistance Movement fighters bomb the Petro-Canada headquarters, in result for polluting their Albertan land and not even hiring anyone on the reserve. 74 die and160 are injured. The RCMP arrest 50 Cree and find plans for the upcoming revolt of West Canada in a Chief’s briefcase. Armed Forces west of Kenora are on alert (DEFCON 3), and the British training facilities in Medicine Hat start to move into Montana for the time being.

- The War Measures act is enabled. The following day, there were Centurions starting to roll down the streets of Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Soldiers start arresting some people without notice. A 12 year old was seen being carried off into a Truck towards a makeshift detention centre in Winnipeg Square.

- The troops west of Thunder Bay, seeing the collapse of democracy and Canada, decide to revolt. Stephen Harper, a major based in CFB Kapyong, closes the Trans-Canada with his reserve units, and ambushes the forces around Kenora. For this, he gets promoted to Brigadere General, and gets the Order of Foundation, the official medal for anyone who served against the Canadian forces in 1981.

- Terry Fox finishes his run in Thunder Bay. He could not receive the Order of Canada, due to the chaotic state of the nation. He, however, gets special treatment in his home city.

- Calgary wins the bid for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Immediately, construction begins on the facilities, and the West Canadian forces start building defences around the sites, in case anyone tries to bring down West Canada’s attempt to get onto the world stage.

1982: The Three Stooges are prepared to start hitting hammers over each other's heads[]

- West Canada is created in the temporary Parliament, hosted in the Manitoba Legislature until the creation of a parliament building in Gimli. John Turner gets rushed into the Prime Minister spot. After three days of intense debate, the house of Congress decides Gimli to be the new capitol. A large construction boom starts in the tiny community, where there's barely any buildings above 10 meters in height. Also, the Government's second motion, WC-2, keeps Queen Elizabeth II as the head-of-state. Kim Campbell is elected as the Governor-General, as West Canada still wants to keep ties to the British Monarchy.

- Atlantic Canada and Nunavut, already cut from Canada, form the new nation of Atlantis. The Government sets up at a base hangar in Goose Bay, NL. Paul Martin flees Ontario and starts to head a new Government. Conscription starts in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Navy on stand-by in the Gulf of Fundy.

- Ontario, the only remainder of Canada left, starts to deploy troops to Ottawa and Thunder Bay. CF-103 Starfighters are seen flying over Toronto 24 hours a day, while anti-tank defences are starting to be built on Highway 17.

- The Atlantis government buys the Irish DeLorean Motor Company, in order to secure a car market and most importantly, jobs for the new nation. The DeLoreans have their cost reduced to $4000, which makes it affordable to the American and European car market. Initial profits reach $40 million by the end of the year, which will prove theres significant investment involved.

- Quebec declares neutrality in world affairs in the Treaty of Bordeaux, officially recongnized by the European Union, but opposed by the United States. Due to that, Quebec exempts non-nuclear vessels. The treaty, however, supports UN peacekeeping missions, in which Quebec would participate in actively.

- West Canada, still intimidated by Ontario and the Soviet Union, initiates the Fargo Agreement with American arms manufacturers, initializing weapons imports from the US. Within the year, M1 Abrams are sent to forward bases, while the F-103 gets replaced by the F-18 Hornet, which is a lot better in combat, and its safety record is superb.

- Atlantis starts importing weapons from the European Community, along with cars, food and electronics (Treaty of Glasgow). Also, during the Falklands War, anti-aircraft support was given to the UK. In return, Margaret Thatcher immediately signed a deal initiating the deployment of a British Armor division in Labrador, along with helping to train Atlantean armed forces to protect against Quebec right next door.

- Quebec, short on troops, forms the Quebecois Foreign Legion. Thousands of unemployed Americans join the army and get good benefits from it. Among those benefits would include automatic citizenship, the right to bear arms, and very adequate education and healthcare.

- West Canada signs a deal from both France and the US to import nuclear reactors to help build two facilities in Pinawa, MB and Yellowknife, NWT. Research amount is doubled and 25,000 jobs are created in both places. Yellowknife would become a city of 45,000 overnight. Because of this, West Canada starts planning highways.

=== 1983: Run to the Hills, Run for your Lives ===
- The United States finishes the embassies in Quebec City, Goose Bay and Gimli, initiating full diplomatic ties. Also, the first of the M1's arrive at WCFB Kapyong and newly created WCFB Pinawa, which will guard reactor construction and Ontario’s cross-border skirmishes that are sometimes reported.

- Atlantis passes its constitution through parliament, which consists of legalizing semi-automatic weapons only and also sets up shop for research that can't be done in other western nations. Due to this, the cloning of a sheep called Dolly would happen in 1996, proving the advancement of science.

- Ontario starts to conscript males 18-22 into the army, due to the rapid arming of Quebec and West Canada.

- Prime Minister Turner [West Canada], commissions the funding for building a Trans-Arctic highway from Inuvik to the Hudson Bay, to advance economic development of the North. Also, he establishes the Intelligence Agency called the WCIP (Western Canadian Intelligence Police). They start infiltrating the governments of Goose Bay and Ottawa, and discover what the former Confederation is up to.

- DeLorean sales reach $97 million, and a plant is built in St. Johns. The plant workers would bring in quite a few jobs and keep the work going

- Quebec's neutrality was nearly challenged when a unit of infantry ran across the bridge into Gatineau. 12 died and the QFL (Quebec Foreign Legion), was about to launch a counter-attack right at the Parliament of Ottawa

- The Fargo Agreement starts to kick itself into effect. Soon, American hardware can be seen at Canadian bases, and three new bases were built with American help

- WCFB Pinawa & WCFB Churchill (Army) commissioned July 1st. WCFB Gimli (former WW2 air training facility) got upgraded and now serves as a military runway. Meanwhile, the Louis Riel International Airport is being built near the small town of Arnes, MB

- Atlantean Intelligence officials go on the BBC and tell the world Ontario is researching into nuclear weapons. The IAEA confirms that there is no such research, and Ontarian military have a shootout at the Intelligence headquarters in Halifax. 29 die and Ontario passports are no longer accepted into Atlantis

- Quebec deploys troops to Ontario because of the Halifax shooting. Also, Quebec and Atlantis are planning military exercises north of Iqualit (Operation: Igloo Stability)

1984: Shout at the Devil[]

- Pierre Trudeau retires from public office. Brian Mulroney takes over for the next 12 years.

- Ontario suspends elections until 1996. Riots ensue in Toronto.

- The Soviet Union establishes an embassy in Gimli, and a mission in Quebec City. CIA and KGB immediately swoop in

- Atlantis joins NATO and sends over a battalion to West Germany. Helmut Kohl establishes an embassy in Charlottetown.

- Phase 1 of the Trans-Arctic Highway (Whitehorse-Inuvik) is complete. travel is reduced from 6 hours to 2.5. Trade is increased by 273%

- DeLorean releases the DMC-19. Sales go through $300 million, and Chinese investors start giving money to DeLorean. Shares jump up to $6.10

- Quebec accepts 403 Tamil refugees, starting a wave of immigration from Third World countries to Quebec.

- West Canada inaugurates the WCN Alberni, a small aircraft carrier, into service. Its 16 Harrier jets make a very good deterrent in the waters of the Hudson Bay

- APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) is set up in Thompson, MB. The influx of foreign workers up North and the newly strengthened Aboriginal groups watch the station for everything. Viewership reaches 15 million by 1990

- Ontario sends a tank platoon near the Pinawa reactor. West Canadian forces start entrenching themselves on the WC-Ontario border

1985: Wanted: Dead or Alive[]