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Canary Islands
Islas Canarias
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
OTL equivalent: Canary Islands
Coat of arms
Hymn of the Canaries
CapitalsSanta Cruz de Tenerife

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Official languages Spanish
Ethnic groups (2011) 85.7% Spanish (inc. Canarians and Peninsulares) 14.3% Foreign Nationals (mainly Latin American, British and Moroccan)
Demonym Canarian
 -  President Antonio Cubillo
Legislature Cortes Generales
 -  Total 7,493 km2 
2,893 sq mi 
 -  2011 census 2,117,519 
 -  Density 280/km2 
725.2/sq mi

The Canary Islands are a de facto independent state, which recently declared autonomy from Spain after the Collapse Crisis.


Renewed Independence

Main Article: Spanish Collapse Crisis

Moroccan task-force heading to the Canaries

In 2014 Catalonia attempted to succeed from Spain after Scotland received independence from the United Kingdom. After a Spanish Campaign within Catalonia, the climatic Battle for Barcelona forced the government forces to retreat. After this UN Sanctions were placed upon Spain, and, along with Basque County, the Canaries declared independence. This was nearly cut short when a Spanish Task Force set off for the country, but, after a stand-off with the Moroccan Navy, was forced to turn back.

Pro-independence flag