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{{1983: Doomsday}}
{{1983: Doomsday}}
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Cape Girardeau
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Cape Girardeau
Flag of
Flag of
Location of
Cape Girardeau

"Let the good of the people be the supreme law"

(and largest city)
Cape Girardeau
Language English
Governor Jay Knudtson (R)
Lieutenant Governor TBD
Area 54.3 sq mi km²
Population 4,000 
Independence July 4th, 1984
Currency Barter

Cape Girardeau is an independent city state in the former state of Missouri. All the information obtained in this article is through radio communications between the Commonwealth of Kentucky military and representatives from Cape Girardeau.



Although Cape Girardeau was not a target during the attacks it suffered like the rest of the United States in the ensuing chaos. Many factions fought for control of Cape Girardeau after the state government collapsed. After a bloody power struggle the locally famous Limbaugh family of lawyers and judges took power.


On July Fourth 1984 Cape Girardeau declared their independence as a placeholder for the United States until contact could be restored. They followed the Constitution of the old United States line by line. The necessities of life were the Girardians first goal (Food, water, medical supplies) with electricity cut shortly after the events of Doomsday the people were forced to revert to a 19th century style of living. Throughout the remaining years of the 1980's and the 1990's to main goal was simply to survive and to fend off threats from raiders. It wasn't until 1999 that power was finally restored but only on a limited basis. It was not until 2008 that every household had electricity.

Modern Times

In mid 2009 technicians were able to render a radio tower operational. Soon after Governor Knudtson took to the airwaves and began broadcasting out information to whatever may be out there to hear it. On August 14th 2009 a farmer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky was just heading to bed when he turned on his radio to hear the news. While shifting through the dial he came across a new radio station, intrigued he kept it on the frequency think the Commonwealth had launched a new station. However he was shocked when he heard "Your listening to Cape Girardeau Radio for Governor Knudtson and all of us here in Cape Girardeau until our next broadcast be safe out there!" Shocked, the farmer raced to the local military outpost to them what he heard. Despite being initially skeptical the Captain in charge of the outpost decided the next night to take a listen. Just like the previous night they heard the same broadcast as the night before. They then relayed that information to the militaries central command center's communication division who then informed President Bunning. As news broke across the Commonwealth, Senator Christopher Frum proposed and finally passed a bill to explore Cape Girardeau, Cave City and whatever else could still be out there.


The citizens directly elect a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, 5 executive council members and 20 representatives. Before Doomsday the Republican Party dominated local politics, this tradition continues today. 15 of the 20 representatives are Republicans, 1 member of the Executive council is a Democrat and the offices of Governor and the Lieutenant Governor are both held by Republicans. Despite the Republicans having a overwhelming majority, there has been a great sense of unity between the two parties. Both sides have generally worked well together and there has been a lot less partisan bickering then there was before Doomsday.


Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University is the cornerstone on which Cape Girardeau is built. Not only does it serve as the primary source of education for the populous but also where the government is located. It also houses the countries only radio tower that was only recently made operational.