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Flag of South Africa

Consisting of most of the former Republic of South Africa, as well as much of Namibia, the Cape Republic is one of the most developed and advanced nations in the new Africa. Formed on the basis of a strong and liberal South Africa, this nation has kept that flag and continues to promote equality and progressiveness among its peoples. The recent St. Helena earthquake caused some damage to coastal areas, but the Cape Republic is growing into one of the strongest nations in Africa.


The loss of the Johannesburg mines and De Beers was devastating to the Cape Republic economy, but its leaders, sensing a dangerous economic collapse, enacted a series of state-sponsored measures to find a replacement for the gaping void in the industry. Within two years of its creation, the Cape Republic was the number one tourist spot in the continent of Africa. This allowed for it to develop a strong economy base on the tourism fund, meaning that the fledgling nation could experiment in various sources of income. Eventually, the idea of movie-making was hit upon, and the Cape Republic is now the number one filming spot in the world. With these two industries firmly settled - and increasing - the Cape Republic seems to have its economic future ensured.


Population: 48,230,000

Area: 478,670 sq mi

Capital: Cape Town

President: Roland Ngago

Vice-President: Amos Kumalo


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