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Total speakers Native language: <100,
Second language: >100,000
Category (purpose) Balto-Slavic
  • Slavic
    • South Slavic
      • Western
        • Carantanian
Writing system Latin
Regulated by South Slavic Academy of Science and Culture (JAZU)
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2 art
ISO 639-3

Carantanian is a reconstructed Western South Slavic language, heavily based on the Freising manuscripts, the earliest known writings of the region.


The Carantanian language was created by the linguists of the South Slavic Academy of Science and Arts (JAZU), specifically in the one in Celovec. In this place, numerous Slavic linguists gathered, ranging from Croatian, Carantanian over Czechian and Balatonian and to Polish and Ruthenian as well.





The Carantanian language consists of 7 grammatical cases (Nominative, genitive, accusative, vocative, locative and instrumental) with examples shown in the table below. Grammatical cases affect nouns, pronouns and adjectives.

Masculine nouns
Singular Plural
N Bog Gozpod Bogovi Gozpodi
G Boga Gozpoda Bogov Gozpodov
D Bogu Gozpodu Bogovom Gozpodom
A Boga Gozpoda Bogove Gozpode
V Bose Gozpode Bogovi Gozpodi
L Bogu Gozpodu Bogovih Gozpodih
I Bogom Gozpodom Bogovim Gozpodim
Feminine nouns
Singular Plural
N devua devue
G devue devuá
D devui devuam
A devu devue
V devuo devue
L devui devuam
I devuo devuama
Neuter nouns
Singular Plural
N telo telesa
G telesa telesá
D telesi telesim
A telo telesa
V telo telesa
L telesi telesim
I telesom telesimi
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