Confederation of Caribbean Republics
Caribbean Confederation (English)
Confederación del Caribe (Spanish)
Confédération des Caraïbes (French)
Anthem"Anthem of the Caribbean"
Largest city Havana
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Jamaican patois
Mandarin Chinese
Hakka Chinese
Demonym Caribbean
Government Representative constitutional federal republic under a unitary elective diarchy
 •  Kings George VI
Alonso III
 •  President Enrique Peña Nieto
 •  Prime Minister Fredis Refunjol
 •  Chancellor Patrick Allen
Currency Caribbean dollar
Mexican Peso
British Pound

The Caribbean Confederation is a sovereign nation located in the Caribbean Sea, east of North America. The country spans over 2,754,000 km2 and 700 islands. It is a representative constitutional federal republic under a unitary elective diarchy. It was created in 1899, originally a union between the Mexican Caribbean Territories and Dutch West Indies. Following the World Wars and de-colonization, it eventually acquired the British and French Caribbean and gained sovereignity from the Mexican Empire in 1954. 

Although technically a separate nation from Mexico, the Caribbean Confederation's President represents the interests of the Mexican Emperor while the Prime Minister represents the interests King of Britain. A third position, the Chancellor, represents the interests of the Caribbean confederations. 

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