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Carinthia was a duchy in the southeast of the HRE. As in OTL, in 1268 the childless duke Ulrich III of Carinthia and nearby Carniole (German: Krain) made a secret contract with Otakar Przemysl, that the latter one would inherit his lands after his death (which comes next year). Since then, Carinthia was under the Przemyslids. Until 1336, it was governed together with Moravia; since then, with Austria and after the Bavarian-Austrian War, Styria too.

After Austria proper had been conquered by the Rum-Seljuks in the Austrian-Seljuk War, Carinthia came to new prominence as a bulwark/retreat. In 1511, it fell to the Eberhardiner dynasty of Württemberg after the Przemyslids died out. After Austria was reconquered in the first French-Seljuk War, Carinthia stayed with it.