Carolinian Legislative Assembly
58th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower house of the Parliament of Carolina
Governor of Carolina Kim Beazley
since 1 May 2018
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Peter Watson MLA, Labour
since 23 September 2016
Established 1783
Members 59
Carolina LA 2016.svg
Political groups Government (45)
  Labour (45)

Opposition (14)
  National (14)
Last election 31 July 2016
Next election 31 July 2020
Meeting place
Western Australian Legislative Assembly.jpg
Legislative Assembly chamber,
Parliament House, Perth
Carolina, Cygnia

The Carolinian Legislative Assembly is one of the two chambers of the Parliament of Carolina. The Assembly sits in Parliament House in the Carolinian state capital of Perth.

The Legislative Assembly today has 45 members, elected for four-year terms from single-member electoral districts. Members are elected using the preferential voting system. As with all other Cygnian states and territories, voting is compulsory for all Carolinian citizens over the legal voting age of 18.

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