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State of Cascadia
— State of the United States
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Southwestern Idaho, Eastern Oregon
Flag of Cascadia
Flag of Cascadia
Location of Cascadia
Cascadia - 3
Regnet Pax Omnem Per Terram (Latin)
("May Peace Prevail On Earth")
Capital Baker City
Largest City Ontario
Other Cities Caldwell, Nampa, Payette
Language English
Demonym Cascadian
Legislature Cascadia Legislature
Governor Cliff Bentz (R)
Lieutenant Governor Codi Galloway (R)
Area 30,176 sq mi
Population 179,618 (2020 Census)
Admission July 4, 2020
Currency Buffalo Dollar
Abbreviations CD

The State of Cascadia is a state in the United States.


Pre-Doomsday History

The area that was to become Cascadia, in western Idaho and eastern Oregon, was a quiet area of the United States of America. Crime was low, life was quiet and simple.


Idaho was struck with a nuclear bomb at Boise - effectively decapitating the government of Idaho. A state of martial law was declared and sheriffs and police departments went in to action to protect against rioting and looting.

After the first weeks, the police would eventually stand down in some cities of the region, others taking control as dictators of their own fiefdom. While most farmers and ranchers hardly noticed a difference aside the attempts at coercion from the police enforcers, the citizens of the cities felt the crunch as they were forced into a form of serfdom.

The Spokane War

This was short-lived, as the rise of the junta around Spokane and other competing warlords spawned a renewal of community spirit, and the people of the area organized citizens militias to better protect themselves, and those men who had established themselves as feudal lords quickly changed tack to avoid deposition and death.

During the attempted invasion of Utah by the Spokanian Junta, the Cascadians retreated from the war path, creating a Scorched Earth area surrounding their communities to discourage foraging and encourage the Spokanians onward to their demise against Utah.

After the war, with the resettlement of southern Idaho by Utah, life began to return to normal. In the communities surrounding Boise it was felt more and more that they should incorporate, to stand as a unit for their local culture. While the stability of Utah was appealing the perceived religious influence on government was not, even though there were a high percentage of Mormons who had returned to the area.

The United Communities

Cities as far south as Burns, Frenchglen, Andrews, Basque, Rome and Jordan Valley, OR, DeLamar, Dewey and Murphy, ID, as far north as Horseshoe Bend, Indian Valley, Cambridge, Heath, ID, and Joseph, Minam, La Grande and Baker City, OR began to work together on a legal document to bind their loose cooperative together. By 2000 the region had begun referring to itself as Cascadia, and their flag was created by a Baker City sewing circle.

First Flag of Cascadia

The initial flag design contained 13 stars, but this was revised to 17 to include additional signatories to the treaty. After this initial signers, it was decided that the flag would not be updated with each new treaty member.

In November of 2009, letters asking official recognition by Utah, the North American Union and the Provisional United States as a self-governing entity were sent. Utah was quick to recognize the region, and offered any such aid as necessary. With the spring thaw of 2010, construction began to extend the rail-lines through the Boise/Mountain Home wasteland and allow Cascadia better commerce.

The NAU and the United States

No word was received from the North American Union or the PUSA until mid 2010, when envoys from the NAU arrived in Baker City and a delegation from Pasco Free State arrived to offer union to member cities of Cascadia.

This was agreed to in early 2011, and Cascadia formally became a member of the NAU on August 5th, 2011, while at the same time declining the offer from Pasco.

The talks about joining the NAU took place at the height of the American Spring movement, and naturally people wondered whether Cascadia should join as a state, not just an ally. This took a few years, but by 2020 it was ready. Cascadia became the thirteenth state of the restored nation.


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