Alternative History


The Republic of Cascadia
Timeline: West Coast Secession
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Seal
Location of The Republic of Cascadia
Consensu omnium
("By the agreement of all")
Anthem "Beautiful Cascadia!"
(and largest city)
Other cities Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver BC
  others French
Demonym Cascadian
Government Presidential Republic
President John Kitzhaber
Vice President Christine Gregoire
Population 26,490,000 
Established January 1, 2014
Currency Cascadian Dollar, CSD

Cascadia -- known formally as The Republic of Cascadia (fr. La République de Cascadia) -- is a self-governing republic that is comprised of two former states, one half of a former state, and one former Canadian province.



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Current Status (Post-Union)

In this current day and age (2014), Cascadia is a thriving "green nation" that prides itself on being extremely resourceful -- current estimates place them at 75 to 80 percent renewable and recyclable. In the coming months, Cascadian Government is expected to sign into law a bill that pushes the "Renewability Quota" to 95 percent. Most, if not all vehicles on Cascadian roads have strict emission goals -- Trucks need to meet at least 35 city mpg and 40 highway mpg; Sedans need at least 40 city mpg and 45 highway mpg. Failure to meet these standards mean that the vehicle in question will not be sold on Cascadian Soil. Electric vehicles qualify for a $15,000 CSD tax credit.

The Government

The Economy

The Cascadian Dollar (CSD)

In the eyes of the Cascadian government, the US Dollar was on the decline, and so the CSD was pegged to the Euro evenly. So in essence, 1 CSD = 1 EUR.