Crown of Castile
Corona de Castilla
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Central Spain
Bandera de la Corona de Castilla Coat of Arms of Castile and Leon
Royal Standard of Castile
Crown Castile Pm4
Castile in Dark Green, Vassals/Tributary States in light green
Capital Toledo
Largest city Toledo
Old Castilian
  others New Castilian (Spanish)
Roman Catholic
  others Sunni Islam, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Castilian (Majority)
  others Leonese, Granadan
Demonym Castilian
Government Absolute Monarchy
King of Castile, Leon, and Granada Henry IV
  Ruler of Castile, Leon and Granada: House of Trastámara
Population 5.2 Million 
Established 1230
Annexation to N/A
  date N/A
Currency Spanish Maravedí

Castile, formally known as The Crown of Castile, is a nation in central Iberia. Established in 1230, the Crown is a result of the third union of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Leon.


In 1400, Castile was ruled by Henry III. Henry III ruled from 1390 until his death in 1405.  The latter part of King Henry III's reign saw Castile's involvement in three major wars. The first was the Cypriot War of 1402, where Castile's ally Genoa sought to regain control of the Cypriot economy. The war ultimately ended in a Cypriot victory, a defeat which would scar Henry's otherwise successful reign.


Foreign Relations

Official Allies

  • Aragon: The Two nations have a shared history and dynasty. The acts of Union solidify the alliance between these two nations.
  • Bulgaria
  • Burgundy

Good Relations

  • England: Trade Agreement
  • Ragusa: Naval Agreement
  • Papal States: Religious Leader.
  • Benin: Trade Relations

Neutral Relations

  • Most of Europe

Tense Relations

  • Portuguese Royal Family in Exile.

Hostile Relations

  • Majority of the Muslim World
  • Kingdom of France

Official Enemies

  • Ottoman Empire
  • Kingdom of Italy-Naples

Vassal/Puppet States

  • Morocco: Puppet since 1405 Briefly lost between 1419 and 1422
  • Athens: Same as above.
  • Kingdom of Navarre: Gained during the war of Aragonese Liberation/The War for Burgundian Independence.
  • Kingdom of Portugal: Currently ruled by a Castillian vassal.

Tributary States

  • None


  • Canary Islands: Colonized in 1402
  • Madeira: Taken during the War of Neapolitan Succession in 1437
  • Cape Verde: Colony in name only, home of the Portuguese Royal Family in Exile

Former Allies

  • Genoa: Allies between 1401 and 1431
  • France: France betrayed Castilian trust and declared war on Aragon, Castile's closest ally, and supported Italy in the seizure of Castilian land.


Born in 1379, Henry took the throne in 1390 at the age of 11. Henry is married to Catherine of Lancaster, and together they have three children. Maria, Catherine and Henry. Maria is promised to Louis of France, and Catherine is promised to Alfonso of Aragon. the Full title of Henry III was King of Castile and Leon, until the 1404 Hessen Crusade, where he gained the title of Defender of the Faith. After his conquest of Granada, Henry gained the title of King of Granada. Despite his successes in the Hessen Crusade and the Conquest of Granada, Henry III never was able to make up for the failure of the Cyprus War. He earned the nickname Henry the Infirm for the Cyprus war.

The next monarch of Castile was Henry IV. Born in 1404, Henry's mother Catherine ruled as Queen Regent until 1420 when Henry came of age. Henry IV ruled until 1460. Henry IV oversaw several important conflicts. The first was the reconquest of Morocco in 1422, in which Castile retook the preivously lost Berber Kingdom. The Second was the Half Hand Revolt in 1425, named for the brutal treatment of Muslims in Granada. The Third was the War of Neapolitan Succession in the 1440s, in which Castile, France, and Burgundy fought Milan, Naples, and Genoa. During the war, Castile came to control Liguria and Athens, but failed to stop the union of Milan and Naples. The final major conflict overseen by Henry was the Third Moroccan Revolt, where the nobility of Morocco attempted to place the King of Portugal on the throne of Morocco. Castile successfully crushed this rebellion, but it ultimately led to the war with Portugal in 1461 after Henry's death.

The current king is King Sancho V. Already, Sancho has overseen several conflicts. First, was the Castilian-Portuguese War, in which Castile placed Fernando of Eca on the throne of Portugal. The Following year however saw the Franco-Italian invasion of Liguria and Aragon. In order to survive the conflict, Sancho did not send the Castilian army to its certain death at the battle of Zarzoga, and chose to shore up Castile's defences instead. Liguria was also abandoned by Castile. Castile would however get its chance to liberate Aragon when France became bogged down in the Burgundian war for independence. Castile marched back into Aragon, and than Navarre, with next to no opposition.

Line of Succession

The current line of succession is as follows: 

  1. Sancho, King of Castile, Leon, Granada, and Navarre, Consort of Aragon (Age 35)
  2. Ferdinand, Heir apparent to the Throne of Castile and Aragon, betrothed to the Princess of England.
  3. Eleanor, Princess of Aragon, betrothed to Sancho
  4. Antonio: Duke of Athens
  5. Fernando of Eca, Lord of Galicia and Portugal
  6. Isabella of Castile, future Duchess of Athens

Previous Monarchs

This list only covers those who ruled from 1400 onward.

  1. Henry III, King of Castile, Leon and Granada, Defender of the Faith (Henry the Infirm)
  2. Catherine of Lancaster, Queen Regent of Castile, Leon and Granada, Protector of the Crown. (Catherine the Brute)
  3. Henry IV, King of Castile Leon, and Granada. (Henry the Young)


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