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  • June 26 2020: UKA.jpg United Kingdom of America: Donald Trump has been sacked as Health Secretary for whispering to Johnson during PMQs and breaking the two metre rule. George W. Bush-Pierce, son of the late Prime Minister, George Bush , has temporarily replaced until the end of lockdown.
  • June 25 2020: UKA.jpg United Kingdom of America: MPs Alexander B. Johnson and Donald Trump have been accused of breaking the two metre rule during PMQs.
  • June 16 2020: Afrikaner Vryheidsvlag.svg Republic of New Holland: President Marthinus Van Schalkwyk has announced his intentions to remove all native Africans from New Holland much to the horror of other nations. The UKA has declared two days later that they will take in all refugees and sanction New Holland.
  • June 13 2020: 1000px-exile.svg.png Kingdom of England in exile: Alexander B. Johnson has announced the creation of a rival government to the SRB in the biggest escalation of tension with the SRB since the Revolution of 1792.
  • April 30 2020: UKA.jpg United Kingdom of America: Former Prime Minister, George Bush (1924-2020), has died of coronavirus within 24 hours of catching it. Widely regarded as the best Prime Minister of the 20th century, Bush's funeral is set to be the largest non royal funeral in American history after quarantine.

Recent Sporting Affairs:

  • June 17 2020: UEFA EURO 2020: Flag of Hungary (1918-1919).svg Hungary knocks out British Republic.png Britain 2 - 0

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