The Formation.

After the first World War Georgia's, Azerbaijan's and Armenia's gorernments decided to unify in defence against Russia. Their first Preimer was Noe Zhordania(1869-1953) from Georgia, he defended the Confederation against the Soviet Union and Turkey. He amassed such a personality cult that by the time of his death in 1953 that some of the Orthodox churches had statues of him. His body was cremated and put on display in the Zhordania Mausoleum in Tbilisi,

Their second Priemer was Vasil Mzhavanedze(1902-1988), he really capitalized on Azerbaijan oil industry. He took advantage of the Iranian Revolution, they toom West and East Azerbaijan and Ardabil.

Their third Priemer was Eduard Ambrosiyevich Shevardnadze(1929-2014). He declared war on Russia in the Crimean War reaching almost to Moscow. They got Adygea, Dagestan, Ingushetian, Kabardino-Balkar, Karachay-Cherkess, North Ossetia-Alania,Chechen, Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai and Rostov Oblast.

Their forth and incumbent Priemer is Salome Zourabichvili(1952) she has just been consolidating their newly aqquired lands.

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