Tribal Confederation of Cayusia
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Cayuse
Chief Tauitau
Population 478,000 
Currency ZYW

The Tribal Confederation of Cayusia, Cayusia, Liksiyuia, is a small constitutional republic in western Leifia. It is bordered by Ichshkiinmark, Skitswishmark, Niimiipu Republic and Kidütökaland. The capital is Attalia and the population around 478,000.

The Head of State is Chief Tauitau.

The language is Cayuse.

The currency is the Hezeyi Weyílet (ZYW) which it shares with Skitswishmark and Niimiipu.


The introduction of European crops and animals came with European diseases which decimated many of the nomadic tribes of Western Leifia. In the aftermath of this the Cayuse created a small kingdom which grew to dominate several of its neighbours only to be ruined when the Black Death swept into the area, leading Ichshkiinmark to take over much of its former territory.

After this the tribe fell into relative obscurity with its population either employed on their own farms or as mercenaries for the ongoing Ninety-Year War consuming the states to its west. Its monarchy would eventually be destroyed during the Second Mexic-Leifian War. The Mexic occupied the small defenseless state stripping it of virtually of its agricultural produce and leaving the tribe behind to starve. Many would leave to join the more secure states to the west and at the war's close the land was almost utterly deserted.

Its recovery was exceedingly slow however it would be helped by a few Vinlandic settlers whom diversified the range of crops grown rebuilt itself as a 'farmer's republic'.

Cayusia is almost totally pastoral with very little industry of note and this has held back the growth of the economy. It is hoped the currency union with Skitswishmark and Niimiipu, and potential closer political ties, will revive the fortunes of all three.


As a constitutional republic Cayusia is governed by a single-chambered council with elections held every three years. There is a high degree of popular involvement in government with regular referenda to decide or overturn policy.

The Head of State is currently Chief Tauitau. The position is a semi-hereditary role and has little actual power.

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