Celtic Confederacy
Ìmpireachd Ceilteach
Motto"Nemo me impune lacessit"
(No one provokes me with impunity)
Extent of Celtic Confederacy [Avalon] plus colonies in 1500
Largest city Bearaig a Deas, Baile Átha Cliath, Caerdydd
Official languages Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Middle Welsh, Cornish, Insular Celtic, Cumbric, Mann Gaelic, Breton, Icelandic, Norn
Recognised regional languages Lowland Scots, Latin, English, French
Ethnic groups  Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Gaels, Dál Riadans, Manx, Norse–Gaels, Hiberno-Normans, Cambro-Normans, Scoto-Norman, Icelanders, Faroe Islanders, Orcadians, Shetlanders, Irish Travellers, Scottish Travellers, Welsh Kale Travellers, English
Demonym Celtic
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Ameraudur Edward II
 -  Celtic Patriarch Neil Kinnock
Legislature SOMETHING
 -  A defensive league created by Scotland, Ireland and Iceland against England in the form of the elective titular Celtic Confederacy 1371 
 -  Welsh Independence War won by the Confederacy, Wales joins the Confederacy 1404 
 -  War of the Three Realms, rebellious Ireland and Mannin pacified 1373-1388 
 -  Celtic Confederacy's intervention in the ongoing War of the Roses, Cornwall liberated from England by the treaty of Treaty of Llanfair­ 1497-1499 
 -  Total 294,458 km2 
113,691 sq mi 
 -  1500 estimate 2,22 million 
Currency Penny Scots, Ceiniog (CRP)
Patron saint Saint Owain (Lawgoch)

The Celtic Confederacy (Scottish Gaelic: Ìmpireachd Ceilteach; Irish Gaelic: Impireacht Cheilteach; Middle Welsh: Ymerodraeth Geltaidd; Icelandic: Keltneska heimsveldið; Lowland Scots: Kinrick o Scotland; French: Empire celtique; Latin: Celtae Imperii), also recognized as Avalon is a sovereign state and Hereditary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy located in Northwestern Europe, centered on the northeastern part of the island of the British Isles.

Having experienced a turbulent history since its inception, always under the threat of invasion from its bordering stronger rival, the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Scotland has repeatedly lost its independence, only to regain it, owing to its unyielding spirit.

After the war of 1351-1361, the Lordship of Ireland and the Kingdom of Scotland managed to gain their independence from Kingdom of England, having fought side by side. In order to secure the continuation of their independence, both recently liberated realms agreed to established a defensive league, under the mantle of the Celtic Confederacy, a loose union under an Ameraudur (translation=Emperor), an elective office, which would have as personal fief the Isle of Mann, which was generously offered by the [Kingdom of Scotland (Merveilles du Monde Map Game)|Kingdom of Scotland]] for that purpose. In doing so both realms united themselves under the bonds of perpetual friendship and alliance, with a royal marriage taking place between the Bruces and the Ui Neills. The Kingdom of Iceland, which had also just gained its independence, but from another nation, the Örebro Union, was also invited to join the Celtic Confederacy, which it gladly accepted.

A major highlight in its history has been the contribution of the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of Iceland to cause of Welsh independence, for without their crucial assistance to the liberation of Wales from the English yoke would have been impossible. Against all odds a glorious chapter has been written in the history of the wider region, under the wise guidance of King Robert II Bruce of Scotland.

In 1408 the personal union between the Kingdom of Scotland, the Duchy of Auvergne and the County of Boulogne begins and a new prosperous era emerges for the realm. This leads to the formation of the Auvergnat Empire, concurent with the Celtic Confederacy.

Imperial Territories

Celtic Confederacy
Member State Capital Admission Date Ruler Flag Population
1 Royal coat of arms of Scotland.svg Kingdom of Alba Edinburgh COA (MdM).png Dùn Èideann 1371 Edward IV Bruce
Royal Banner of Scotland.svg 625.000
2 Ireland CoA (MdM).png High Kingdom of Éire Dublin COA (MdM).jpg Baile Átha Cliath 1371 Edward IV Bruce
Green hard of Ireland (MdM).png 840.000
3 Icelandic Commonwealth COA (MdM).png Kingdom of Ísland Reykjavik CoA (MdM).png Reykjavik 1371 Domnhall V Sturlungur
Kingdom of Iceland flag (MdM).jpg 115.000
4 Arms of Owain Glyndŵr (MdM).png Kingdom of Cymru Cardiff COA (MdM).png Caerdydd 1404 Lionel of York-Wales
Flag Kymrië v1.png 585.000
5 No portrait.png Principality of Kernow Keynwynn 1499 Michael Joseph "An Gof"
Flag of the Duke of Cornwall.svg 75.000
Celtic Confederacy CoA (MdM).png Celtic Confederacy Mannin N/A Edward IV Bruce
Celtic Confederacy flag (MdM).png 2.220.000


Rulers of Avalon [Celtic Confederacy]

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