Alternative History
Central American War
Place: Central America and South America
Date: June 23, 2008 to November 28 2008
Opposing Forces: US backed-Panama, Russian backed-Cuba, and Chinese backed-Columbia
Cause: Columbia invasion of Venezuela
Result: Panama/Cuba occupation of Columbia

Timeline: Invasion Iran

In order to extend their sphere of influence the US backed Panama, Russia backed Cuba, and China backed Columbia. China tried to get Venezuela into their influence but they decline. The next day on June 23, 2008 Columbia invaded Venezuela, starting the Central America War.

The War[]

After Venezuela denied Chinese influence China ordered forces in Columbia to invade. The Columbia army supported with Chinese rifles, artillery, and tanks invaded. It took over the region of Amazonas in two days. The Chinese then delivered an ultimatum, demanding that Venezuela surrender to the Chinese. Venezuela responded by launching a tank assault on Chinese positions. The Russians delivered weapons to Venezuela to help them defeat the Chinese. In return Venezuela would be a Russian supporter. The Chinese launched an attack on Maturin on June 28. Their they found documents of Russian weapon shipments.

Invasion of Cuba[]

Once the Chinese found the documents they prepared for an invasion of Cuba. On July 3 they began bombing Havana and Santiago de Cuba. On July 5 they landed soldiers from the Marine Corps on the southeast side of Cuba. They quickly swept through little Cuban resistance. The Cuban Militia began guerrilla warfare with the Chinese soldiers. They managed to slow them down long enough for Russian reinforcements to arrive. The Chinese fleet attacked the Russian transports on route to Cuba. The Russians in order to save their transports tried to gain air superiority over the Chinese. They had little success until the Battle Over Venezuela. Because the US denied the Russians access through the Panama Canal they had to fly over Colombia and to Cuba, or they had to unload in Peru and smuggle it across the southern part of Colombia. Air transport was not easy but easier than landing in Peru so more transport by air happened. The Battle Over Venezuela was a battle between the Russian Air Force and the Chinese Air Force. Russian cargo planes guided by MiG-29s fought with Chinese Chengdu J-10s. Both air forces received many casualties but in the end the Russians won air superiority. They flew supplies to their units in Cuba and began pushing the Chinese back.

The US Becomes Involved[]

During the war naval battles led to US involvements. After a naval engagement between China and Russia, a Chinese submarine sunk a US tourist ship, thinking it to be a Russian ship. Then Panama declared war on Columbia. Panama soldiers backed with US troops and weapons went to Venezuela. Because both the US Pacific and Atlantic fleets had access to the Caribbean the US won the naval war with China. The US then blockaded Columbia on September 13. The Chinese forces on Cuba ran out of supplies and on September 21 surrendered. The US and Russia signed the Treaty of Panama stating that they would not fight each other in the Caribbean.

End of War[]

The US reinforcements pushed the Chinese out of Venezuela. The Russians opened a second front on the western side of Columbia. Columbia had to fight on two fronts. Chinese reinforcements could not come because of the blockade of Columbia. The Chinese retreated. On November 28 Columbia surrendered.