Central American Territorial Collectivity (Day of Glory)

Central America
Central American Territorial Collectivity
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Capital -
Area -
Population -
Official Language Castillean


The Central American colonies stayed loyal to the republic during the Iberian Revolution and fought a bloody war against annexation from the Kingdom of Mexico. Although remaining part of Iberia, the local departments were given a local government of sort (the Ultramarino Cortes) which managed to gain more and more autonomy until, following a referendum, Central-America was declared an autonomous Territorial Collectivity within the Iberian Republic.


One mean of revenue which is probably the first one associated with Central America is the duty it charges on ships passing through its famous canal (instead of taking the long way around the americas).

Originaly suggested by French entrepreneur Mr de Beaumarchais, it had to wait a century due to the opposition of both the URP and the Kingdom of Mexico who saw the project as ingerence in what they considered their sphere of influence.

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