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Central Pennsylvania
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
StateCollegeFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

Capital State College
Largest city State College
Language English
Demonym Pennsylvanian
Government Elected Council
  legislature Pennsylvanian Council
Currency US Dollar
Central Pennsylvania is an american survivor-state.


The city of State College, Pennsylvania, along with the immediate area around it was not hit with any nuclear weapons whatsoever. However, the area immediately fell into chaos for several weeks as the town became isolated from the state and federal governments. Eventually the mayor along with the local police and National Guardsman managed to maintain relative control over State College along with the nearby towns of Centre Hall, Pine Grove Mills, Bellefonte, Houserville, Zion and Boalsburg.

Scouts were sent down US Highways 322 and 220 to investigate reports of another survivor group in Altoona. The scouts were overjoyed when they found Altoona with a functioning government with a fairly successful city-state. The two city-states formed a union declaring themselves the "Provisional Government of Pennsylvania," with the idea that when the federal government returned the area they would be under its jurisdiction as the state of Pennsylvania.

Throughout the 1960's and 1970's the area was plagued with raids from cannibalistic gangs and rogue army units. The Pennsylvanian militia was able to subdue most of these attackers but at a great cost in lives. State College also attempted to exert it's control over the surrounding areas. While initially successful in persuading many small towns and villages to join their Union including Williamsport, Brookville, Punxsutawney and Du Bois to the west, their luck soon came to an end.


Central Pennsylvania's economy relies heavily on the production of Coal and Steel. These products are exported to many adjacent countries, including North Ohio, Niagara Falls, South Bend, Muskingum, and Adyta.

Central Pennsylvania imports pig iron and barely from Adyta, and cattle from Muskingum, although the main source of food is corn from North Ohio.

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