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Welcome to Central World

Germans celebrating the newly created Federal Republic of Germany

The Central World Timeline tells the story of humanity and the earth after the Central powers are victorious in the First World War, commonly known as WW1 or the Great War.

Then in the 30's, while Europe is oppressed by dictators, the Second World War broke out after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics invaded parts of Eastern Europe to reclaim their lost lands, but they are crushed together with the allies, by the evolved Central Powers transformed into the Axis Powers.

Later the Cold War begins, between Japan and its puppets corralled in the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and Germany (and its puppets corralled in the European Community (and the Warsaw Pact). This causes the United States to use massively the Monroe Doctrine, so Latin America is filled with pro-American dictators, that eventually benefits it and gives it an appearance very different from now.

Then the EC and the Warsaw Pact collapsed, and the Russia Federation and the United States begin to take the place of their two predecessors. In addition to a cultural movement called the Modern Renaissance as the oppression ends as Europe collapses and Hirohito dies.

Today's world shows a world in which Japan is falling, Germany tries to regain the Superpower place much like Russia in OTL, and Russia and USA start competing, while Japan and Russia are about to start a Proxy War in Central Asia, Mongolia, and Russia's East, Europe begins to divide while Germany tries to keep his few puppets, Russia begins to have influence in Eastern Europe (the eastern bloc OTL), North Africa and the Horn of Africa is covered in monarchies and the United States regains its influence in Western Europe. Each Time a Russo-American Cold War seems more an more plausible...

Central News

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  • January 4: Australian Flag with Aboriginal Flag.svg Canberra, Australia: More evacuations take place in Queensland, Australia, as flood waters continued to rise and the Australian prime minister says damages could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • January 3: Flag of the Federation of South Arabia.svg Aden, South Arabian Federation: Two boats capsize off the southern coast of Yemen with a total of 80 people missing. Only three have been found alive.
  • January 2: Flag of Chile.svg Santiago, Chile: A 7.1-magnitude earthquake streaks southern Chile, having its epicenter 96 km northwest of Temuco, not far from the location of the 2010 Chile earthquake.
  • January 1: Celebrations of the New Year around the world.

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  • Fedelede:
    • Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia - A US ally in OTL Colombia and a part of Peru.
    • Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda - A nation expelled from the Commonwealth during Idi Amin Dada's German-supported dictatorship. After his death, the King of Buganda took over all of Uganda, and although it has a federal system, it is dominated by the Bugandans.
    • Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbek Republic - OTL Uzbekistan, the Uzbek Republic is an ally of Germany.

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